The lighthouse (learning from past)

In some occasions, we made errors. We took wrong decisions. This is the essence of life. We are human. Not perfect. Sometimes, we also believe that we can have nothing more than what we had at a certain point in time because we are afraid of future. The true questions arising from all of this are i) will we learn the lesson from Past and from our own errors ii) will we dare making new decisions, changing things, trying improving our life. The answer might be that in any case life if a lighthouse (beacon), not a harbour (haven). We must not stay in past but go ahead, trying to learn from our mistakes, from the decisions we took, bad or good. We must of course remember past, but we need opening a door to future. We all deserve the best . We need to use our past as a beacon, but we must not stay bound to it. It’s not a haven.

Little things (the nature of happiness)

I believed for long that happiness had to be a full scope thing. That it was reached if you had what people call a perfect life: loving husband and child (children) who would care about you as you care about them, a nice house, a good job and maybe a dog. A quiet path full of bliss. Life did not give this all inclusive set. For a time I felt really bad thinking I was a real loser. Well in a way I am probably. But I also discover that the true nature of happiness was not what I thought. It has nothing to do with all of that. Happiness is not like a kind of all inclusive box, because this is not the essence of life. Happiness is in multiple little things that make you smile, that make life lighter and help you to cross the tempests. It’s a black cat sleeping on my bed, purring, lying on his back, his belly up, with his paws on my foot. It’s a calico one sleeping where she is not allowed too, and a big black one who will to purr in my ear each time he feels I’m sad. It’s  a sunny afternoon. A good book. Some art stuff. A friend who calls you or message you for no reason. Another who finds nice words to encourage you. The smile of a perfect stranger in the street. A few words exchanged

Silent scream

The most terrible screams can be the silent ones. Those do not make a single noise. They hide behind attitudes or words that can appear ordinary, or at least that do not catch attention.  No one notice them, while in most cas they dissimulateur the highest despairs. It’s a silent, untold SOS. Usually louder when comes the night. Until the person gives up and stop screaming. Until he or she feel that there is no more way to solve their problem, that no one cares whatever happen. This is more and more frequent in this society driven by selfishness and individualism. Sad is that the consequences can be really worse than one could expect. I read several books where this situation is depicted

Online Censorship 

A topic that I didn’t really want to bring up bit it’s been on my mind recently. Currently in the states despite winning against the FCC and keeping the Internet open under title 2 in 2015 a new broom has swept in and is trying again to censor and block certain parts of the net 😦 I for one hope this doesn’t happen as it really is a breach to freedom of speech. 

In fact over here at present a particular carrier blocks access to Fetlife why obviously due to the fact that they think you shouldn’t be viewing it despite being a adult and paying them monthly in order to access it you have to use a VPN to get around this daftness you should not have to. I believe that since I am adult and not inflicting my beliefs on anyone I should be allowed to do what I want to do yes I have kinks a mile long but I am not pushing them on people and trying to corrupt them. My inspirational with some wickedness blog on tumblr is marked for over 18s only it even states that in the blog intro as it’s occasionally wicked. When did the powers that be start to nanny us quite so badly as it’s not just kinks that it’s effecting. Go into my workplace and you will only find diet drinks full of sweeteners that are artificial why because they can’t sell you ones with sugar that’s bad for you. In restaurants it’s almost the same virtually all diet drinks and they hide the salt this is apparently bad for us also. So when it comes to the Internet I want to be able to do what I do within reason I can be myself and wear my kinks on the outside. What they don’t realise is that have you ever heard of a alcohol problem or a rape issue at a kink event it happens in normal clubs which is why I don’t go to them. The reason for this is that Kink despite being different is very well organised there are DMs there’s rules and people follow the guidelines of consent and consensus more than the everyday person. What the government needs to stop doing is nannying people or it will go underground to avoid the regulations that are being placed on it. Give people freedom and liberty to do as they please and wish and genuinely they will be a lot happier as a society on whole. 

Thanks for listening to this post rant folks. 

Stay well and Happy 

Harp xx 

Crystal and mineral therapy 

Harp here just a note to say that the above does help before you go down the medication path please try it even if you don’t believe it will help you. 

Stones for relaxation and protection 





Rose quartz 

Tigers Eye 

Stones for clearing electromagnetics from the air these can sometimes effect people badly. 



Smoky quartz 

Natural quartz 

Green adventurine 

To rebalance the body 




Black obsidian 

If you suffer from allergies 

Carnelian and Aquamarine 

To cleanse stones based on the type you can use glass of water and moonlight/sunlight based on stone or fresh running stream water oak leaf or Selenite wands are good for cleansing when needed – Thanks to Darken Muse to remind me to add this 

Usually it is best if a stone is worn in close contact to the skin to have the best possible interaction with the body energies. 

This article will be updated over time but give crystal therapy a shot you will be surprised and you won’t be drugging the body. 

Stay well and happy 

Harp 🙂 

The righteous side of hell

is thee a righteous side of hell? Definitely yes. People are confusing religious tainted idiomatic ideas and the bible story. Remember Lucifer (the light bearer) is a fallen, rejected from heaven for giving to men what had made them what they are and what most of them cherish the more (after money and power in most cases): knowledge…and correlatively the conscience/awareness. Instead of being condemned to an eternity of ignorance he gave them the opportunity to understand what is around them. And this gifted them with  a multitude of opportunities. Can we consider it to be an error? Is that really a bad thing? No. Clearly no.  So maybe should we reconsider our positions. There might definitely be a righteous side of Hell