Versatility and Adaptability 

Hi all helper elf Harp from work waving to all. It seems that the above is the order of the day in work at present due to fun rotational systems. I do admit I am enjoying it but have had to employ lateral thinking especially when ending up in different areas. Here is a admittance before I started the fortnight that I just finished in work I was scared shitless as all I had was a quick go through the Fri before I thought this new area will all fall about around my ears. The first week I didn’t really know what was what till midweek then towards the end it got better. When I was advised that I was doing a extra week cover due to shortages in the area I wasn’t surprised. The start of the second week improved by midweek I was flying even if doing things ever so slightly differently. When it got to the end of today it was a bizarre happy sad I was happy to be heading back to a area I knew better,though sad to be leaving it as things were finally behaving. Finding out later in the day yes we will keep you up here for longer. Variety is the spice of life and it makes work challenging and enjoyable but I wonder is my versatility and my adaptability going to be my undoing am I preventing others from learning and taking a chance? No I’m not going to stop helper elfing as I still enjoy it as it keeps my brain working over several areas never a dull moment the day and weeks fly by and I like it that way more than a dull stagnation. Therefore I recommend the life of a helper elf to anyone but I will say your doing it for your own enjoyment and sanity. The fact that it helps management is definitely a plus but I’m not going to advise or order management that they should make more of me. It should be up to that individuals choice whether they wish to or not. A good friend and a colleague referred to me as the lion for having no courage and not facing up to management and advising that everyone every does it and not just me. I don’t wish to do that as I don’t feel picked on or victimised I feel needed and wanted by several areas. While out grabbing dinner I met someone who saw me in a different area in work and twigged ah that’s where I know her from it felt good. The only thing is while in HQ it does tend to make you more accessible that’s the only bit I sometimes don’t like. These days though it seems as though Versatility, Adaptability quick learning and people skills are the aim of the day. Also don’t worry I still love the colleague who called me the lion out of wizard of Oz loads as she is affectionately known as the tinlady (tinman)

Thanks for reading this ramble and I’m back to my core speciality next week and it will definitely fly. 

Kindest Regards and Best wishes stay well and happy 

Blessings from Harp xx 


Samhuinn 2017 

Hi all waves Harp here sorry it has been so long since we last spoke. Well we got to the above it has been a roller-coaster of a year, with parents health but she is on the mend.

This time last year we were preparing for grans funeral on a sunny but cold November the first. I will always remember looking over the rose garden and seeing one solitary fox looking back at me. They say the veil is thinner on Samhuinn so I’m off to have a good meal in honour of gran. Still miss her and her house though bought in April of this year still has nobody in it they are just doing renovations to it, part of me is sad about this I so wanted it to get a family and be full of life again. Aunt is installed in new house in the middle of nowhere since Aug past and Thanksgiving house warming taking place end of November. Thankfully I’m in OPD6 Trauma so being kept busy so not too much time for my thoughts to invade. Still with my Martin and closer than ever to my J 🙂

Who knows what the future holds I hope parent continues to improve and becomes moderately happy with herself again as it has been a trying year but we will all get there I am sure of that. This Samhuinn I honour the memory of my grandparents more than ever and I hope somehow they found each other. 

Have a great Samhuinn all and all my blessings. 

Kindest Regards Harp xx 

Another Doomsday Theory 

While reading through my twitter and Facebook feeds today I came across this

Another link about Planet X

Not sure if the link will work it’s based on a theory that apparently planet X Niburu is supposed to be smashing into us on Saturday and killing us all out stating we will not be around to see sunrise on Sunday. According to them it’s all to do with a rare astrological line up in the sky above us. If you can read the article (Crosses fingers about link – my luck with blogs)

I did try to convince a good writer friend to base a story around it but I think he has too many other ideas on the go 😦 now I’m no writer as my grammar can sometimes be all over the place, but I can tell you what I have surmised.

  1. Weren’t we all supposed to have the same outcome when a rare eclipse happened in 1999. If I recall Nostradamus predicted this way back in the 13th century and yet we are all still here.
  2. The mayans they thought were all going to be extinct by 2000 the incans if I recall thought the same.
  3. Y2k bug all the computers were supposed to go haywire causing a global meltdown.
  4. Rapture where all the believers ascended into the heavens and the rest of us burned for the sinners that we are.
  5. Apparently Planet X was meant to strike us 97 and 00. They have discovered another planet past Pluto bit it’s about Neptune size and could support life. In a different galaxy though and I doubt plannets have wormholes.
  6. Forgot to add the moon cult who all killed themselves in a mass suicide in 1997 thinking they were escaping the end of the world.

Should really be 4a but I’m not exceptionally great on formatting yet with WordPress. I am sure I heard that all the scientologists were going to get rescued by aliens. If they got to a certain ascendency (ie flung money at scientology) this has not happened no aliens the world would be better off without them.

A lot of people are saying that this recent theory is based on the Bible I doubt it is going to come true anymore than the others did. It really depends on what testament the old or the new and you also have to remember that the Bible had a historian writing it as it didn’t magic itself onto paper so at the most the Bible is a really old history book and open to different interpretations.

What I’m trying to say here folks is take this one with a pinch of salt also if you read the above tweet I have been loving the replies of oh no it’s before payday bugger and can’t they postpone it I have such and such to go to. Do not blow your credit card or do something daft. Personally I’m looking forward to the reasons that this guy is going to come up with for the world still going on as ever come Sunday it should be interesting.

Though I think weather disasters are more likely to cause a problem as so many hurricanes and earthquakes along the Caribbean and florida coast I feel for all those affected and who ever pissed of Mother Nature should apologise.

Also recent problems in Bali with Tsunamis something is amiss stay safe all.

*Updates 22/9 GMT PM just after Mabon*

Apparently Australia and New Zealand have hit the 23rd and they are still around to tell the story will it happen when the final part of the states hits the 23rd if so that would be the 25th in Oz the 24th in GMT Euro so wouldn’t that be a bit confusing.

*Update 23/9*

We are all still here so obviously he got that one wrong. He’s stating the below now.

The story of the ‘end of the world’ on Saturday has changed — well, sort of
This writing should be updated on Sunday when the world hasn’t ended if it has I shall be very pissed of so much more to achieve. Stay well and happy folks and never miss a chance to make someone smile or tell them you love them in case tomorrow never comes.

*Update 24/9*

The world didn’t end we are all still here he got it wrong apparently there is meant to be a seven year war from end Oct. Which could be plausible considering what trump and Kim are up to but we will see only the future can tell.

Update 16/10
Blessings and kind regards from Harp xx

Update 12/2/18

This David Meade guy is a fruitcake he has only gone and said it’s happening in March now complete nutjob just after my birthday no thank you. Hope the link below works.

Update 12th Apr 18 apparently it’s been moved to the 23rd of this month.

The Anatomy of Crime

Hello everyone Harp here,

This writing is based really on a email chat I had the other day it got me thinking and that’s always a good thing. We were discussing what happens to those who are near and dear to the ones who committed this heinous act and how does it impact their lives and actions in the future. Do they get disassociated by attachment? Think it cannot be easy having the stigma of a murderer or a rapist as a near and dear. What is the fallout even if you have a close one who is clinically criminal psychologically insane, will people think it runs in the family and start to say I wonder at one point when the madness will grip her/him. There could also be a instance especially in the some states where a family member is on death row or has been executed by lethal injection and did not do it but they never found that out until afterwards and unfortunately you can not reanimate a body. This article will be added to over time as I come up with more thoughts as I sense it could be a lengthy one. What switch in people’s heads makes them willing two commit criminal acts can they even justify it to themselves? If the killer is someone near and dear and murders another family member how does that effect you and the surrounding family? As discussed yesterday if the killer is 10yrs old or under and you can get two mental health professionals to agree that they were clinically insane and not in control of their actions mcnaughtons law comes into place to save them from death penalty or imprisonment and confinement but it would be harder to prove a child insane than a adult. How was this loophole ever needed it must have happened at some point and how did that person turn out after doing such a thing at a young age. This subject could grow legs and arms as the theology and the analysis behind crime is interesting but I’m guessing you would have to be a psychologist to puzzle it out or research. For now I have to go the day job beckons but please stay well and happy until we next chat.

Kindest Regards and Best Wishes to all Of you from Harp 🙂

Reading and books 

This article was brought to mind by a recent trip to the local Waterstones. A recent book by a series I enjoy reading had just come out but it was a monster in a hardcover and weighed a ton but after reading the first chapter I had decided upon it. Though I wasn’t going to buy it in actual form as it would be a bit cumbersome to commute with or read in bed so I brought out trusty Amazon. After having a search for it I discovered it £10 cheaper and with the ability to change the paper colour from stark white to cream and enlarge the font so no eye strain. It was easy to guess what option I went for while in there I found a crime novel at £3 instead of £8 so got that too. In total I spent £13 instead of £28 a big difference and easier to carry and store in digital format. It dawned on me that Waterstones had become the new version of a library for me I go in see what’s new read the first chapter or two if I enjoy buy it on Amazon and its less bother than libraries are these days with a bigger stock of books and coffee options. When I grew up I used the library loads my gran was a librarian and they were oasis of calm and peace my favourite places but these days they are noisy don’t have a big enough stock and have become multimedia centres with no coffee option either myself I wish we still had the libraries of old Dublin has in trinity library. While on a trip to the states many years back I encountered barnes and nobles similar to Waterstones but on a grander scale with coffee and open till 11pm complete heaven I do wish they were over here. This isn’t to say I will never buy another actual book as that would be a lie I still have loads of actual books I just like the options that you have these days. Kindle and Amazon have opened new avenues to people for reading if dyslexic and you need bigger fonts better spacing the give that if you need audio due to poor vision it’s there also so you can’t say it’s killing actual books just widening the market. I do hope people like my older parent continue to buy actual books keeping the bookshops open as they have become the libraries as I said earlier. If you read folks please feel free to give feedback on my thoughts and article. 

Stay well and happy Blessings 


End of Fringe 

Well folks from Mon till about two hours ago I have mostly been doing the Edinburgh Fringe shows maximising at least four to five shows each day 🙂 

Most have been worth it but there was at least two I thought good grief never again and why. 

The Good 

John Bishop, Stephen K Amos, Dara O’Brien, Wunderbards slapstick, Ed Byrne, Sean Kelly, Juliette Burton, Foil Arms and Hogg, Jason Byrne, George Egg Diy Chef. 

The rest were fairly decent and it was a enjoyable and busy week I can recommend to anyone but yes you will spend as much money as if you were to go on holiday but with less of the stress with passports, immigration airports trains and planes so there are some great pluses. 

Thankfully I foresaw that I would need to two days off after a week of fringing so not back to work till Wednesday for this helper elf. In my opinion great way to start the week gently 🙂 

Stay well and keep happy till my next update 

Blessings From Harp xx

Time off begins 

Hi all waves from Harp 🙂 I am very happy to say the above as this helper elf has been getting so tired. Now off to the end of the month *big smiles*

Plans so far to not have to get up before 10am at the earliest. Some shopping in Glasgow as Edinburgh is a touch claustrophobic for shopping at present. To eat a enjoyable cooked and healthy breakfast. To participate in some of the shows in the Edinburgh Fringe festival and to simply enjoy being a tourist or person of leisure in my own city 🙂 This forthcoming weekend sees two Kink events on and I will be able to go to them both and recover on Monday time off rocks. 

As for weather I’m not going to get that great as big sis heck I will be lucky if it doesn’t rain the only thing that changes in Scotland is you get warm rain and not cold rain. 

Plan to get more coloring and reading done in my time off and recharge my nearly flat battery not from main work but from helping out everywhere else. 

Hope everyone stays well and happy if you wish to chat do drop me line 🙂 

Kindest Regards and Best Wishes 

Harp xx