The switch around in society 

There was a time at the start of the century to the middle of the 19th century where women were the suppressed part of society and in small ways way still could be but that is for another article this one is focused the reverse direction. After seeing a post video on FB where a woman wanted to kill all guys and make it a female society she really didn’t think this through as the guys have a important factor the sperm. Maybe she was thinking we will milk them all before we kill them but personally I kind of like guys they are good to have around and sex is pretty damn fun. So here is hoping there aren’t any more radicalist loopy women. Though the guys that we have today are a odd bunch there’s no denying it and here we get to the point of the article. For example guy friend who cooks does housework that’s all very good and well but does he know how to be dominant when a woman needs it and even asks for it? You get that look of why do you want me to pin you to a wall by your throat with my leather gloved hand and kiss you senseless guys don’t do that kind of thing. Which made me scratch my head on puzzlement at the fact of mb it was me wanting something strange and unusual. Later down the line another guy met me for a meal then after we had finished proceeded to go pay for it I didn’t ask him to his choice. Then he told me we were going back to his now this I admit did thrill me I like a guy who can act on dominant wishes it was obvious what he wanted and I was more than happy to oblige he was a complete dominant gentleman who didn’t ravish me until back at his place. Though he did whisper in my ear what he wished to do later such a turn on. Have guys lost the ability to act on impulse or go with your gut and intuition or have we as women knocked this out of the male species. I’m not asking for a caveman I’m asking for a gentleman with a dark side that’s ever so slightly naughty and isn’t afraid to act on it. Also a guy who is good at diy always good as well. So I think I’m advising guys to try to find that inner voice that they somehow lost and listen to it occasionally if not lots it will fire you confidence and help your work drive heck it might even give you a good peace of mind 🙂 Though it would be good to have the best of both worlds a guy like my good guy friend who will follow through with every wicked thought in his head. Folks as usual this wasn’t based on anyone it was just free writing getting stuff out of my head again. 

Stay well all Blessings 


The importance of profile bios 

Right folks after some random messaged me out the blue with just a How’s you doing I checked out his profile to see if there was any about me section or it had been at least filled in. I wasn’t surprised just a touch disappointed there was literally nothing the guy just seemed to be aimlessly friend collecting like some kind of badge of honor. I thought cripes he must be new as whenever and wherever possible I try to leave a about me section (haven’t worked out how to on this yet) on my Fetlife there is a large about and my FB and twitter too if you tweet have a look I’m @HarpSilver. 

Anyhow I digress a good profile biography is basically like selling yourself or painting a picture of yourself with the medium of words. Advise people what you are like so they can visualise you in there head and think mb I would like to meet that person or I want to know this person slightly better as you wouldn’t buy something with no description would you. Think of it this way if a book didn’t tell you it’s genre or give you a short paragraph of what’s inside it would you buy it blank it would be pot luck and most people would not. So this is why you fill out your profile it gives people a idea of who you actually are. Once you have engaged people’s interest they might send you a message and this is also where the profile of the sender is important. Nobody is going to message back some one who just says interested in message tittle and how you doing come on folks put a bit of effort in. Read the profile bio and look at the pictures you are able too read the persons articles see what they like and base you opening message on those your more likely to get a reply rather than a delete or a why is this person friending me. The important thing to remember is that people like that you have shown a interest in them and actually read there stuff and they will be more than happy to answer questions on it and this is usually a good way to start a friendship that might lead to other things further down the road. So please put the effort in you will be rewarded that goes for the profile writer and the message sender fill out those bios and about yous whenever and where ever possible. Gets of soap box thanks for reading this all. 
Kindest Regards and Best Wishes Harp xx 

The use of pen or nicknames 

Hi all this topic has been in my mind for a while now. Since FB forced me to use my actual name. I was not trolling bring offensive or hiding behind my pen name so to be shoved out of using it either by FB or someone thinking that it’s fake is annoying to sat the least. The way I look at is if you know me by my pen name we have either met on the Kink scene or we’ve met online via FB or one of my other social networks it was a way of figuring out where I know people from. If they knew my actual name it meant I had met them either at work or through friends I had met them in actuality and shook their hand and they weren’t aware of the kinky me or the arty me. So now due to FBs daft ruling my actual name is known by 7.5k mostly Americans as I admin a group on FB with a bunch of other great admin family but I didn’t want every Tom dick and Harry knowing my actual name but now I guess I’ve got used to it. Thankfully on my other social media sites I’m still my pen name I’m grateful for that and ironically the link to my FB profile page still has my pen name so I do wonder what was going through their heads. I am not the only one this has happened to some other good arty friends have been pushed out of their pen names by FB. I guess what I am saying here is if you see a odd name and you think it’s not real it’s sometimes being used for protecting the identity and not trolling or upsetting others. Please before reporting anyone ask them the reasons behind it there is usually a good answer. A friend of mine nearly lost all the pics of her dead spouse she had on her FB profile as someone thought she was fake and had hit report button and unfortunately FB doesn’t advise you who did this either. Also folks you will find I answer to my pen name and actual name sometimes I think I’m more my pen name/nickname than I am me now that’s a odd one to work out and I will leave this article with that thought in place. 

Hugs to all and Blessings Harp xx 

Back in again 

Yay looks like I’m up and running again so this past six years has definitely been interesting can’t deny that one 🙂 Some pluses some negatives but that’s life folks. The highlights are met my OH DS who I have been with for five years we have our ups we have or downs but he is my steady force complete reverse of me in character though. Luckily he’s happily poly with me as I also have a gimp Lomond Rubber of the past four years I couldn’t ask for a better gimp in my service and I love him loads as my closest friend and gimp. I have a part timeshare of a massive pup six foot nine to be exact and he’s like the bfg. A close friend in another where we talk about classical music and books and just anything that comes into our brains. I discovered with CL a different guy that going back in time isn’t necessary the best plan to take and damn does it smart when it falls to pieces but I’ve picked them up and I still consider him a friend so it can’t be all that bad learn from experience I say. I have grown more into my wiccan leanings and discovered more about my kinks it seems that I have a furry cat side within in me. Unfortunately I am too wild to ever be anyone’s kitten but I am a cat who can be occasionally tamed by a Wolf. I also found out I’m in no ways submissive and kudos to guys who are it takes a lot to be so but I am a bottom for the right type of dom guy. Though I still prefer to give rather than receive 😉 Basically I am still learning about myself I doubt that that will ever stop its a lifelong task to learn and understand oneself. I hope at somepoint too meet my big Witch sis Christel Brightmoon as I’m blessed to have her as a Witch sis and lil Witch sis Molly Wee in Texas I love them and appreciate them more than words can say and the rest of the darkside admin team on FB love them all. 

I promise too do further updates now that I can actually get into my blog again 🙂 

Kindest Regards and Best Wishes always with Blessings 

Harp xx 

Hi everybody 

If you can see this please do say as I am trying to get my writing blog working again as I just managed to get back into it after at least six years. My own fault I lost the details 😦

Do hope everyone well though and if this works I will be writing more. 

Kindest Regards and hugs Harp 

How I’m not a whole Dom

Hi folks,

Just thought a would address this subject a friend guy of mine asked if he could be my slave. I care for the guy dearly and he is a very close friend, but I could never have a slave I am just not capable of it 😦

I do not want a guy to put me on a pedestal which would be pretty much what he would be doing. Also to hand me that much responsibility over his well being scares me shitless as I have enough difficulty of with my own never mind somebody elses too. Complete control over a guy is not something I wish or can handle.

I know this by experience one time I did have it and it was a disaster I did everything wrong 😦 I have been learning and bettering myself from that point as we all make mistakes we are human but I do not trust myself to give it another shot yet.

So at this point in time I categorically do not wish a slave guy. I am so much more happy if the guy is a masochist and has a bit of back bone or is able to advise me when I’m in the wrong.

Also I kind of have a thing for guys overpowering me and being in control.

Sorry for this moan just thought I would put it out there.

Hope everyone has a fab New Year.

SilvAngelDemon xx

The oddness of society

Hi folks its been a while since I’ve been on this so I thought I would write another article as it was sitting in my mind.

While looking around Edinburgh I discoverred that there aren’t really that many good kink shops that have decent stuff. I’ve found Adult Conceptions on Drummond Street and Q Store down Broughton Street and Eros but that’s about the only three in a city this size.

It seems that Anne Summers is allowed to be on the main street but only if it keeps things reasonably tame its more often a lingerie shop with added extras to the back.

Why no genuine kink place where you could go see the things feel the things and buy the items or toys it seems it’s all being made online.

This just seems unusual behaviour to me as we are sexual beings after all it is part of our makeup and kink can be seen as a extension of that. It is as much a need as food and drink I feel. We all have two sides why does society choose to hide one half? I’ve always been of the point of view that to become whole we need to accept both sides of our nature.

So a bigger place where kink can be satisfied and not pushed underground would make things a lot easier. Think of Amsterdam lowest teen pregnancy in Europe probably due to fact that their young can learn and experience without the stigma attached to doing so and it’s obviously working.

Not saying poke people in the eye with it I’m just saying make it more accessible and if anything teach and educate folk instead of just going its online go that way.

Everyone needs a bit of help and experimentation within oneself and consenting others can only be seen as healthy.

Bye for now folks thanks for reading.

SilvAngelDemon xx