Memories of weekend

Harp here I have to say that a enjoyable weekend has past the weather wasn’t that great but the company was. I managed to have both my guys which always makes me happy we managed to fit in two kink events RB and SK one Glasgow the other Edinburgh. Thankfully I had Monday off as I would have never been able to pull this one of otherwise. At first it was only meant to be one but by a fluke of coincidence my gimps friend car broke down so ended up giving him a lift back to Loch Lomond and his usual shitty work shifts had been kind for once he was going to be able to do SK through in Edin too😁 so I thought why not as this doesn’t happen that often pretty much blue moon occurrence. I was right when I said to a colleague that giving him a session would be cathartic it truly was I greatly enjoyed it and he did also it certainly took his mind off recent troubles and it was more than fun to have him at my mercy 😉

Though by the next day his mind was going yay second helpings maybe his body wasn’t as enthusiastic as I had literally gone to town on him thinking that would be my only opportunity. After second helpings I doubt that he could sit comfortably and probably just as well that the train back was full of rugby fans so unfortunately he could not. I look forward to catching up with both my men again and I hopefully will get my third man out too as I haven’t seen him in longer he is becoming a recluse and he needs to socialize with us all again. Just wish that V Day was not on a Wednesday this year and although I managed to give my Mistah J his card I went and lost my main man DS card literally I have a head like a wet lettuce at times, but I am very lucky to have two men sometimes three in my life who all know about each other and are ok about it and care for me love them all loads. May anyone reading this spend Wednesday or the weekend with those they love and if you care for someone let them know by note by email by even the phone life is to short to not do so and be someone’s reason to smile not just on Valentine’s Day but all through the year surprise someone be spontaneous have courage to start a conversation you never know where you might end up have fun and be Safe also.

Much love and Hugs from

Harp with best wishes and Blessings H xx


Black and White

Hi all still in the depths of work HQ and it’s looking like I might be for sometime yet.

The name of this article comes from a conversation I had with a work colleague who although she is salt of the earth and a rough diamond with a heart of gold she sees things as the above.

Things can either good or bad black or white no inbetween level. I was referred to earlier in the week as being a hippy because of my Wiccan ways I believe in crystal therapy and how it helps the body and natural remedies instead of conventional modern medicine though it has it’s place. I explained to her I am by no means a white witch I’m more of a greysider walking the line of twilight, of which she asked is there evil witches why must everyone jump to a conclusion. I explained to her there are dark witches of which I got a reply of do you know any of them I said yes some Luciferian witches are good friends, cripes I shouldn’t have used that word she automatically thought devil worshiping witches of which I had to explain that isn’t the case as Lucifer is a fallen angel and the keeper of truth and a light bearer at this point I think her head was going to go bang. I got the answer of I thought you would say I don’t know any evil witches really I should know better than to get into a theologically themed debate with my particular colleague. I am happy that I didn’t explain familiars or demon pacts to her as she would have got the complete wrong end of the stick. It makes me wonder how can people go through life thinking we are the only ones here that their aren’t other life forms or other dimensions this frankly puzzles me. At times I wish I was one of them but then I realize that no I don’t as my mind will always quest for the truth which is why I doubt I will ever be white I’m more grey but part of me wishes for the knowledge but doesn’t want to go down the Luciferian way as I feel it’s like Pandora’s box once you have the knowledge and have experienced it you might wish that you had stayed unaware blissfully but you can’t unlearn so here I am walking the thin line between day and night remembering that even in the darkest night there is the hope of dawn that glimmer of light and I think that is what the world and everyone needs to remember at present while thing’s go strange around us hold on to the hope.

Stay well and happy Kindest Regards and Best wishes always Harp xx

Tribute to a lost friend

Well the start to 2018 has definitely been tumultuous due to being kept in work HQ OPD6.

This piece gets it’s name for a good online friend by the name of Megan Page who I met via FB art groups. Never would you find a woman with a more mischievous side one year she gave me a cock pen and keyring took forever explaining that one to the parent when they came in the post. We chatted about everything colouring and art based along with life in general and men she gave the best advice on that subject. I will always remember when a designer artist we helped out on FB by colouring his images he chose a fab one of Megan’s and made it the image to advertise the artpiece I had to advise her he had at first and she was so excited that followed many other of her images getting showcased. Megan had so much talent and she was a genuinely good person. Living in East London in Africa took me a while to figure that one out, I always thought it would be the riots or the Dodgy government over there that would eventually catch up to her at somepoint and embroil her in strife it certainly wasn’t the safest place to live but she loved it. She lived with her husband Brad a teenage daughter and two younger sons and it looked as if everything was going well for Megan. The past New Year she even teased me with a picture of hot weather on the beach with her son little did I know that two days later a day after her 33rd birthday that she would suffer a stroke. This ended her up in hospital they tried drugs this didn’t work so they put her into a medically induced coma to see if the body would recover unfortunately it didn’t she never woke up she died Tuesday past so damn sad leaves children and husband but if I know Megan she probably fought to the end but he body gave up to being to tired. I wish she had recovered so much but it would have taken a lot of work to get her back to full capicity. On Tuesday past the shining 🌟 that I knew was Megan went off to become a actual star and hopefully look over us all from above. I hope her soul is at peace and that she was able to cross over without too much pain. My heart goes out to her mother husband Brad and their children it’s going to be hard but I hope he keeps the memory of Megan alive and advises those kids as they grow how much she loved them as I think as long as the memory is still alive even though the person is no longer with us that is what is needed. It was a honor to know the star that was Megan I only wished she had stayed on this plain a bit longer.

Hopefully the next update Will be more cheerful my advice is if you love someone tell them if you can make someone smile do so if you want to talk to someone do it now email or call them as tomorrow is never guaranteed folks be with those you love and make you happy.

All my very best wishes and blessings Harp xx

Happy Holidays everyone and a festive update.

Waves to all well the season of goodwill came around again and I’m glad to be off as my battery was severely depleted at work HQ been there since early September the powers that be now free of work HQ till the 8th though back to usual work on the 3rd thankfully it shouldn’t be as nutty.

The year has passed and the wheel has turned to the start again it finds me oddly reflective. As although grans house has been bought since April passed still nobody living in it I have to pass it each day on my way to work and part of me finds that sad as I so wanted it to be full of life fun and love but I guess that was a pipedream.

The end of the year finds me grateful for my Mistah J and we have a closer connection than ever before that has been keeping me sane at times. Still with DS but he’s depressed due to nothing on the job front unfortunately. Hopefully this year my parents health will improve as she’s had a difficult year and I want for her to only get back to what she wishes to be as much as she can. As for myself the only thing I want for is more time with my guys who are dear to me and the family who are close.

Recently I read that T May thinks this is a Christian country there I disagree as I’m Wiccan and I’m sure there are many other faith’s that make up this great country. Also Christ was not born around this time think about it he was born closer to the spring.

On that note I wish you and yours the best festive period and Happy Holidays whether it was Yuletide, Hanukkah, Kwanza or Xmas whatever one you celebrate enjoy and have a great new year all😀

Biggest of hugs and best Festive wishes from Harp xx

Hi everybody 

If you can see this please do say as I am trying to get my writing blog working again as I just managed to get back into it after at least six years. My own fault I lost the details 😦

Do hope everyone well though and if this works I will be writing more. 

Kindest Regards and hugs Harp 

The oddness of society

Hi folks its been a while since I’ve been on this so I thought I would write another article as it was sitting in my mind.

While looking around Edinburgh I discoverred that there aren’t really that many good kink shops that have decent stuff. I’ve found Adult Conceptions on Drummond Street and Q Store down Broughton Street and Eros but that’s about the only three in a city this size.

It seems that Anne Summers is allowed to be on the main street but only if it keeps things reasonably tame its more often a lingerie shop with added extras to the back.

Why no genuine kink place where you could go see the things feel the things and buy the items or toys it seems it’s all being made online.

This just seems unusual behaviour to me as we are sexual beings after all it is part of our makeup and kink can be seen as a extension of that. It is as much a need as food and drink I feel. We all have two sides why does society choose to hide one half? I’ve always been of the point of view that to become whole we need to accept both sides of our nature.

So a bigger place where kink can be satisfied and not pushed underground would make things a lot easier. Think of Amsterdam lowest teen pregnancy in Europe probably due to fact that their young can learn and experience without the stigma attached to doing so and it’s obviously working.

Not saying poke people in the eye with it I’m just saying make it more accessible and if anything teach and educate folk instead of just going its online go that way.

Everyone needs a bit of help and experimentation within oneself and consenting others can only be seen as healthy.

Bye for now folks thanks for reading.

SilvAngelDemon xx


Hi all I’m sorry for the absence I was busy but now back with stuff running about in my mind which I usually think it helps when I write or type them out so hope this one helps or you enjoy reading stick with me as here we go. By the name of this post I was meaning in yourself now this can be a difficult thing trust me. Especially when my first boyfriend at 19 who I went with until 21 ended up on the sex offenders register later down life will never understand what happened there as when we were together we met protected and handed over to the police a abandoned 3yr and ended up being called to court as a witnesses for the next year and a half till the mother agreed she was guilty of child neglect. It was about 2yrs later he ended up on the register read it in a evening news and nearly threw up if I had eaten anything that morning it made me think how could my judgement be so flawed but I know there was more to the story as I still think he wasn’t that sort of guy. My luck didn’t get any better fell for a bloke online had a intense relationship by phone and computer for 4yrs daftly lost a lot of money due to misplaced trust. So it took me a while to trust my judgement again I guess it made me cynical and jaded. Can’t say it didn’t change me how can it not but eventually I learnt to accept myself again. I’m still a incurable romantic despite all the bumps I’ve had getting to this point it’s taken a lot. I’m now happy for now I have a guy called Jambo who is my friend and confidante support services when I need it and my masochist who allows and loves me spanking him. He was there for me when I thought I was pregnant by accident despite using protection late periods whereas the guy who I thought was the reason wasn’t this was his choice but it taught me another lesson in judgement. I’m so grateful for Jambo as he’s seen me at my worst and cranky and put up with me understood that at times I just needed space. When I was ready to spank him he’s been there great company and he introduced me to Sin who at one club he couldn’t attend to he was there for me and allowed me to play saved me feeling a spare part. Also let me scratch his back to the point of bleeding and continue enjoy me biting his collarbone and neck then let me try out a new whip this was all consensual I enjoyed doing it and he enjoyed receiving. I’m so lucky to not just have found one but hopefully two when I wasn’t even looking. As Jambo joked he and Sin could talk about being flogged by me over a pint instead of football. I have got to the point where I accept I enjoy spanking flogging caning biting and scratching blokes with their consent and they enjoy it and ask for more. Loved seeing Sins blood cover my hands but it was even more erotically sensual when he sucked it back off my fingers that memory makes me hot too. Hope you enjoyed this writing and maybe it will help you find acceptance its not easy it’s a long road but don’t ever give up or become cynical.

Hugs and be well
Regards SilvAngelDemon xx