How I’m not a whole Dom

Hi folks,

Just thought a would address this subject a friend guy of mine asked if he could be my slave. I care for the guy dearly and he is a very close friend, but I could never have a slave I am just not capable of it 😦

I do not want a guy to put me on a pedestal which would be pretty much what he would be doing. Also to hand me that much responsibility over his well being scares me shitless as I have enough difficulty of with my own never mind somebody elses too. Complete control over a guy is not something I wish or can handle.

I know this by experience one time I did have it and it was a disaster I did everything wrong 😦 I have been learning and bettering myself from that point as we all make mistakes we are human but I do not trust myself to give it another shot yet.

So at this point in time I categorically do not wish a slave guy. I am so much more happy if the guy is a masochist and has a bit of back bone or is able to advise me when I’m in the wrong.

Also I kind of have a thing for guys overpowering me and being in control.

Sorry for this moan just thought I would put it out there.

Hope everyone has a fab New Year.

SilvAngelDemon xx