How do you access social media 

Hello folks Harp here with a curious question. I find myself mostly accessing the above with my Edge seven Android or Nexus nine 🙂 This isn’t down to the fact that I don’t have whole PC version on my surface pro four it is down to the fact that I seem to prefer the apps. Always accessing my sites on the go thanks to my Android I tend not to use the PC versions much. Due to the fact of having a Gmail app, WordPress app Twitter, FB and tumblr it has got to the point where I probably hardly use my Android as a phone as I mostly say drop me a line giving people my email. Though one thing I do wish is that FB wouldn’t limit the application so much due to wanting to force you to use the whole site. The question of this article is what do you use your smartphone for sound of below as it would be interesting to read and discover. 

Stay well and happy kindest Regards Harp 

Decent pens 

Hi folks after receiving my newest addition to my pen collection a gorgeous petrol blue green fountain medium nib with matching ink it got me thinking. What is your favourite type of pen to write with myself it depends if work or pleasure. For pleasure it’s fountain nib pens and jetstreams with fineliners and Moleskine journals not to sure why just really love the paper so good to write on. When in work it’s jetstreams and biros mostly Bic. As I have learnt from past experience never give or let a non pen fiend use your fineliner it’s a soul crushing experience when it ends up bust this has happened. Therefore when in the office I tend to keep important pens in my top drawer and normal everyday affairs in my desk tidy so that colleagues can borrow as they wish without fear that they are ruining a beautiful and expensive pens. Oddly with paper if not Moleskine I tend to enjoy writing on ivory or cream or yellow Colored paper don’t ask me why I can’t use white paper I guess I find it a touch too stark and daunting to look at blank. For ink shades I seem to be a mixed bag I love Sepia, black blue and black recently got petrol ink loving the color. If I am doing it as a art based form black gold diamine ink it comes in bottles is really amazing stuff. A few months back I actually got myself a beautiful looking glass blown dip pen still building up the courage to use it as it truly is a item of beauty and I don’t wish to break it with a heavy hand. I personally think that creativity can be found using any ink color if you put your mind to it. Have seen some amazing Sketches done in just blue biro quite astounding. This article was to share my pen addiction with you guys what is your addiction do you enjoy pens as much as me if so what type? What color of ink so many questions. I will finish this article with a tip if in UK you can’t go wrong with but don’t blame me if your tempted as this site is truly pen porn. Hope you enjoy this share. 

Hugs and Be well Kindest Regards 


The butterfly effect 

Hi all here’s a writing that has been sitting in my mind for quite sometime just never had the chance to write it out. It is based around a conversation that I had with my gimp on speaker phone while going to SK one Sunday noon yes I know good time for deep subjects. We got onto the subject of whether if you could go back in time and change something would you. He was adamant that he would but then I changed his mind here’s how. I explained that even if we could go back in time and give ourselves advice would we believe ourselves? Also your bad experiences and bad memories shape you as much as your good ones you learn by experience and doing. By this I mean you can’t say to yourself don’t do that as that will happen as you simply won’t believe yourself yes some lessons have to be learnt the hard way unfortunately so you say to yourself I won’t do that again or that didn’t go the right way. With each bad experience you learn it changes you and makes you more wise so if you were to erase the memory or remove the experience you wouldn’t be the person you are at present you would be different whether that would be good or not remains to be seen. This article will be added to at a later date but I guess at present what I trying to say is remove or change the slightest thing in the past you would cause ripples in your present to the future. 

Stay well and happy 

Hugs Harp 

Collars and wedding rings 

Hi all this one wanted to be written after some strange behaviour that I did today. Now everyone by know should know that I’m mostly a top but I’m not entirely dominant so when needing a bit more strength I reached for my silver and onyx collar. I knew that there would be no public in work today so I was ok to wear it and it loves being showed off great workmanship from a friend called Libertine and given to me by my main partner he was also given a small padlock and key for it which he keeps as it’s only locked at Kink events. Once I had it around my neck it’s reassuring weight made me feel better and reminded me I was not alone I was loved and made me smile about both the men. This got me thinking yes I know dangerous thing to do especially in the morning. Do some women think the same of a wedding ring or band do they just look down on it and smile remember the memories of when they received it the guy they received it from and think happily I’m not alone as both pieces of jewellery are given with love if you are aware of Kink you will notice that the silver onyx is a collar pretty much a give away and it states yes this lady belongs to a guy if not aware of Kink its a fancy choker as for the convential wedding ring you look down for it at a ladies or a guys hand and think oh they have someone they can only be a friend to me personally in the normal world I would prefer the cladagh ring as it not only states I’m with someone but it can also state I’m not you can ask. Though my favourite is my collar I will take the reassurance of the weight round my neck to having something on my finger that I could so easily lose as I have lost many a set of glasses from putting them down at least my collar can’t fall off and I can’t put it down anywhere. Though when back on the desk with public again I will have to take it off replace it with my moonstone talisman pendant as too many questions could be asked and my pentagram thankfully fits with both of them. 

Stay well and until next time hugs 


A pondering for today 

Hi all Harp here currently in the midsts of Shark week (period) which started off with a brilliantly sore back before they started on the Monday past. It’s getting better now but it had me wondering literally why is the stronger sex. I would say women as we literally have this for a week or of every month until we are mid fifties and we are also the one that becomes pregnant and bares the child into the world after nine months of carrying it and having hormone fluctuations. It’s times when my back and my joints are sore that make me wonder if men got these also surely there would be time of work and the place would grind to a halt as every woman knows what a guy is like when he’s suffering from man flu. After having a chat with my female colleagues it was agreed that would be the case. So here’s to all of women kind for managing these, pregnancy and bringing up kids at the same time as working and cleaning house we really must be wonder ladies. 

Stay well hugs 

Harp 🙂 

Going to hell in a handbasket otherwise known is trump Inauguration 20/1/17

Hi folks well the above happened and I don’t really know what to say. So I decided do a post on it sort your head I hope to look back on this post and be pleasantly surprised that I was wrong I really do as that’s about the best we can hope for stateside over the next four years. In all honesty though a trump presidency doesn’t fill me with hope I want him him to live up to all those promises but part of me thinks it was just a bluff to get into power. How did it happen that a business tycoon became the most powerful man in the world I hear you say basically I think it’s down to the fact that he knew how to sell it at heart trump knows how to walk the walk and talk the talk and like every con man he conned the electoral college and most of the south stateside into thinking he was the man for the job. I think the best stateside can hope for now is that he becomes a figurehead for Mike Pence while Mike does the actual job he can just wheel him out for official functions and tell him what to say and where to say it. Unfortunately I doubt that is going to be the case due to Trumps ego and he’s now got the biggest playpen ever. He has no government experience and the diplomacy skills of a gnat (yes let’s give nuke codes to this guy) his cabinet is really not much better entire wild cards like him. Also we never found out of Vladimir Putin and Russia had a say in this as he must be happy a puppet to Russia who owes them favours now has the USA and its not just him its also his son. May I look back on this post and see that I was wrong but personally it does feel like the title says the world is going to hell. Though unfortunately there’s nothing we can do we could protest to the moon it’s unfortunately not going to change things we can wish the assassins guild from Sir Terry Pratchett Discworld series was real too but that’s not going to work either. The next step has to be acceptance surely he can learn on the job this isn’t the best option but it’s the only one we have hold on stateside and world its going to be a bunny rollercoaster of a ride. 

Stay strong and well hugs 

Harp 🙂 

Body contact 

Just writing from personal experience here anyone who knows me well will have been hugged by me. I don’t mean this as a infringement on your personal space I just really enjoy hugging my close friends and close colleagues as it makes me feel good. Most of them by this point are used to it and will accept a hug or give me a hug back as it does boost your serotonin levels and lower your stress in work. If you are close to me  in the fact that you are one of my partner guys you can expect snuggles also as skin contact just makes me happy in general it isn’t anything sexual it’s something comforting. Oddly I feel myself getting very moody if I haven’t given enough hugs for a while and yes I know that sounds strange but I think it’s just a craving for touch contact. I do my best not to hug folk until I know them very well and they are used to that side of me. I also apologise to some good friends who aren’t huggy people I don’t mean to push a hug onto you and I’m so glad you accept it. Sometimes I really should ask those close before I give unwarranted hugs. Though to most of my friends if you do bump into me it and about either at events or in work please feel free to give me a massive hug as this will make me smile. I sometimes think I crave body contact more than sex which can be a touch odd at times I will work on it. 

Best wishes and kind regards Harp