How do I explain myself to others

Hi all Harp here sorry for the long absence it’s been a busy period at work and surprisingly hot weather in Edinburgh and I have been stuck in work.

I am at times a conundrum even to myself which is most strange I’m learning the whole time we never stop. Let’s see I’m a sadist I’m not going to deny that part of self as I really do love giving guys consensual pain whether it’s to here them cry out or scream and call me many things despite asking for said impact play and consenting to it. I love seeing reactions whether it’s them screaming crying our uncontrollable laughing sometimes all at the same time. I love giving sensation too and blissing them out with tactile touch and feedback some guys just simply do not get enough of it these days. As for myself I sometimes like being dominated as much as I enjoy dominating so that definitely makes me a switch in persuasion I’m a Solo Poly Anarchist I love having many partners for different reasons I love them all but this doesn’t mean I live with them usually I catch up at weekends and this helps Keep the internal battery charged 😊 I doubt I could ever really live with any of them but I wouldn’t give them up and I’m Very lucky to have them in my life. If someone advises you that being Poly is greedy arch a eyebrow at them as it takes a lot of time and planing. Lastly I’m Wiccan a grey witch who believes more in crystal therapy and natural cures than over the counter pills and potions. So there you have it me in a nutshell if you ever want to say hi if you meet me in RL at a event please do I won’t bite unless you ask me Very kindly.

Kindest Regards and Best wishes to all Stay well – Harp