Memories of weekend

Harp here I have to say that a enjoyable weekend has past the weather wasn’t that great but the company was. I managed to have both my guys which always makes me happy we managed to fit in two kink events RB and SK one Glasgow the other Edinburgh. Thankfully I had Monday off as I would have never been able to pull this one of otherwise. At first it was only meant to be one but by a fluke of coincidence my gimps friend car broke down so ended up giving him a lift back to Loch Lomond and his usual shitty work shifts had been kind for once he was going to be able to do SK through in Edin too😁 so I thought why not as this doesn’t happen that often pretty much blue moon occurrence. I was right when I said to a colleague that giving him a session would be cathartic it truly was I greatly enjoyed it and he did also it certainly took his mind off recent troubles and it was more than fun to have him at my mercy πŸ˜‰

Though by the next day his mind was going yay second helpings maybe his body wasn’t as enthusiastic as I had literally gone to town on him thinking that would be my only opportunity. After second helpings I doubt that he could sit comfortably and probably just as well that the train back was full of rugby fans so unfortunately he could not. I look forward to catching up with both my men again and I hopefully will get my third man out too as I haven’t seen him in longer he is becoming a recluse and he needs to socialize with us all again. Just wish that V Day was not on a Wednesday this year and although I managed to give my Mistah J his card I went and lost my main man DS card literally I have a head like a wet lettuce at times, but I am very lucky to have two men sometimes three in my life who all know about each other and are ok about it and care for me love them all loads. May anyone reading this spend Wednesday or the weekend with those they love and if you care for someone let them know by note by email by even the phone life is to short to not do so and be someone’s reason to smile not just on Valentine’s Day but all through the year surprise someone be spontaneous have courage to start a conversation you never know where you might end up have fun and be Safe also.

Much love and Hugs from

Harp with best wishes and Blessings H xx


About Harp

Hi folks this is a joint blog with Darken Muse my Witch sis this is where both our thoughts and inspiration will be :) Thanks and Enjoy Harp

2 thoughts on “Memories of weekend

  1. Chris says:

    Harp really glad you had a wonderful weekend and got to spend time with two very lucky men in your life ss well.
    I have only knowed you for a short while on twitter but have lots of respect for you.

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