Black and White

Hi all still in the depths of work HQ and it’s looking like I might be for sometime yet.

The name of this article comes from a conversation I had with a work colleague who although she is salt of the earth and a rough diamond with a heart of gold she sees things as the above.

Things can either good or bad black or white no inbetween level. I was referred to earlier in the week as being a hippy because of my Wiccan ways I believe in crystal therapy and how it helps the body and natural remedies instead of conventional modern medicine though it has it’s place. I explained to her I am by no means a white witch I’m more of a greysider walking the line of twilight, of which she asked is there evil witches why must everyone jump to a conclusion. I explained to her there are dark witches of which I got a reply of do you know any of them I said yes some Luciferian witches are good friends, cripes I shouldn’t have used that word she automatically thought devil worshiping witches of which I had to explain that isn’t the case as Lucifer is a fallen angel and the keeper of truth and a light bearer at this point I think her head was going to go bang. I got the answer of I thought you would say I don’t know any evil witches really I should know better than to get into a theologically themed debate with my particular colleague. I am happy that I didn’t explain familiars or demon pacts to her as she would have got the complete wrong end of the stick. It makes me wonder how can people go through life thinking we are the only ones here that their aren’t other life forms or other dimensions this frankly puzzles me. At times I wish I was one of them but then I realize that no I don’t as my mind will always quest for the truth which is why I doubt I will ever be white I’m more grey but part of me wishes for the knowledge but doesn’t want to go down the Luciferian way as I feel it’s like Pandora’s box once you have the knowledge and have experienced it you might wish that you had stayed unaware blissfully but you can’t unlearn so here I am walking the thin line between day and night remembering that even in the darkest night there is the hope of dawn that glimmer of light and I think that is what the world and everyone needs to remember at present while thing’s go strange around us hold on to the hope.

Stay well and happy Kindest Regards and Best wishes always Harp xx


About Harp

Hi folks this is a joint blog with Darken Muse my Witch sis this is where both our thoughts and inspiration will be :) Thanks and Enjoy Harp

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