Versatility and Adaptability 

Hi all helper elf Harp from work waving to all. It seems that the above is the order of the day in work at present due to fun rotational systems. I do admit I am enjoying it but have had to employ lateral thinking especially when ending up in different areas. Here is a admittance before I started the fortnight that I just finished in work I was scared shitless as all I had was a quick go through the Fri before I thought this new area will all fall about around my ears. The first week I didn’t really know what was what till midweek then towards the end it got better. When I was advised that I was doing a extra week cover due to shortages in the area I wasn’t surprised. The start of the second week improved by midweek I was flying even if doing things ever so slightly differently. When it got to the end of today it was a bizarre happy sad I was happy to be heading back to a area I knew better,though sad to be leaving it as things were finally behaving. Finding out later in the day yes we will keep you up here for longer. Variety is the spice of life and it makes work challenging and enjoyable but I wonder is my versatility and my adaptability going to be my undoing am I preventing others from learning and taking a chance? No I’m not going to stop helper elfing as I still enjoy it as it keeps my brain working over several areas never a dull moment the day and weeks fly by and I like it that way more than a dull stagnation. Therefore I recommend the life of a helper elf to anyone but I will say your doing it for your own enjoyment and sanity. The fact that it helps management is definitely a plus but I’m not going to advise or order management that they should make more of me. It should be up to that individuals choice whether they wish to or not. A good friend and a colleague referred to me as the lion for having no courage and not facing up to management and advising that everyone every does it and not just me. I don’t wish to do that as I don’t feel picked on or victimised I feel needed and wanted by several areas. While out grabbing dinner I met someone who saw me in a different area in work and twigged ah that’s where I know her from it felt good. The only thing is while in HQ it does tend to make you more accessible that’s the only bit I sometimes don’t like. These days though it seems as though Versatility, Adaptability quick learning and people skills are the aim of the day. Also don’t worry I still love the colleague who called me the lion out of wizard of Oz loads as she is affectionately known as the tinlady (tinman)

Thanks for reading this ramble and I’m back to my core speciality next week and it will definitely fly. 

Kindest Regards and Best wishes stay well and happy 

Blessings from Harp xx 


About Harp

Hi folks this is a joint blog with Darken Muse my Witch sis this is where both our thoughts and inspiration will be :) Thanks and Enjoy Harp

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