Samhuinn 2017 

Hi all waves Harp here sorry it has been so long since we last spoke. Well we got to the above it has been a roller-coaster of a year, with parents health but she is on the mend.

This time last year we were preparing for grans funeral on a sunny but cold November the first. I will always remember looking over the rose garden and seeing one solitary fox looking back at me. They say the veil is thinner on Samhuinn so I’m off to have a good meal in honour of gran. Still miss her and her house though bought in April of this year still has nobody in it they are just doing renovations to it, part of me is sad about this I so wanted it to get a family and be full of life again. Aunt is installed in new house in the middle of nowhere since Aug past and Thanksgiving house warming taking place end of November. Thankfully I’m in OPD6 Trauma so being kept busy so not too much time for my thoughts to invade. Still with my Martin and closer than ever to my J 🙂

Who knows what the future holds I hope parent continues to improve and becomes moderately happy with herself again as it has been a trying year but we will all get there I am sure of that. This Samhuinn I honour the memory of my grandparents more than ever and I hope somehow they found each other. 

Have a great Samhuinn all and all my blessings. 

Kindest Regards Harp xx