Another Doomsday Theory 

While reading through my twitter and Facebook feeds today I came across this

Another link about Planet X

Not sure if the link will work it’s based on a theory that apparently planet X Niburu is supposed to be smashing into us on Saturday and killing us all out stating we will not be around to see sunrise on Sunday. According to them it’s all to do with a rare astrological line up in the sky above us. If you can read the article (Crosses fingers about link – my luck with blogs)

I did try to convince a good writer friend to base a story around it but I think he has too many other ideas on the go 😦 now I’m no writer as my grammar can sometimes be all over the place, but I can tell you what I have surmised.

  1. Weren’t we all supposed to have the same outcome when a rare eclipse happened in 1999. If I recall Nostradamus predicted this way back in the 13th century and yet we are all still here.
  2. The mayans they thought were all going to be extinct by 2000 the incans if I recall thought the same.
  3. Y2k bug all the computers were supposed to go haywire causing a global meltdown.
  4. Rapture where all the believers ascended into the heavens and the rest of us burned for the sinners that we are.
  5. Apparently Planet X was meant to strike us 97 and 00. They have discovered another planet past Pluto bit it’s about Neptune size and could support life. In a different galaxy though and I doubt plannets have wormholes.
  6. Forgot to add the moon cult who all killed themselves in a mass suicide in 1997 thinking they were escaping the end of the world.

Should really be 4a but I’m not exceptionally great on formatting yet with WordPress. I am sure I heard that all the scientologists were going to get rescued by aliens. If they got to a certain ascendency (ie flung money at scientology) this has not happened no aliens the world would be better off without them.

A lot of people are saying that this recent theory is based on the Bible I doubt it is going to come true anymore than the others did. It really depends on what testament the old or the new and you also have to remember that the Bible had a historian writing it as it didn’t magic itself onto paper so at the most the Bible is a really old history book and open to different interpretations.

What I’m trying to say here folks is take this one with a pinch of salt also if you read the above tweet I have been loving the replies of oh no it’s before payday bugger and can’t they postpone it I have such and such to go to. Do not blow your credit card or do something daft. Personally I’m looking forward to the reasons that this guy is going to come up with for the world still going on as ever come Sunday it should be interesting.

Though I think weather disasters are more likely to cause a problem as so many hurricanes and earthquakes along the Caribbean and florida coast I feel for all those affected and who ever pissed of Mother Nature should apologise.

Also recent problems in Bali with Tsunamis something is amiss stay safe all.

*Updates 22/9 GMT PM just after Mabon*

Apparently Australia and New Zealand have hit the 23rd and they are still around to tell the story will it happen when the final part of the states hits the 23rd if so that would be the 25th in Oz the 24th in GMT Euro so wouldn’t that be a bit confusing.

*Update 23/9*

We are all still here so obviously he got that one wrong. He’s stating the below now.

The story of the ‘end of the world’ on Saturday has changed — well, sort of
This writing should be updated on Sunday when the world hasn’t ended if it has I shall be very pissed of so much more to achieve. Stay well and happy folks and never miss a chance to make someone smile or tell them you love them in case tomorrow never comes.

*Update 24/9*

The world didn’t end we are all still here he got it wrong apparently there is meant to be a seven year war from end Oct. Which could be plausible considering what trump and Kim are up to but we will see only the future can tell.

Update 16/10
Blessings and kind regards from Harp xx

Update 12/2/18

This David Meade guy is a fruitcake he has only gone and said it’s happening in March now complete nutjob just after my birthday no thank you. Hope the link below works.

Update 12th Apr 18 apparently it’s been moved to the 23rd of this month.


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