Reading and books 

This article was brought to mind by a recent trip to the local Waterstones. A recent book by a series I enjoy reading had just come out but it was a monster in a hardcover and weighed a ton but after reading the first chapter I had decided upon it. Though I wasn’t going to buy it in actual form as it would be a bit cumbersome to commute with or read in bed so I brought out trusty Amazon. After having a search for it I discovered it £10 cheaper and with the ability to change the paper colour from stark white to cream and enlarge the font so no eye strain. It was easy to guess what option I went for while in there I found a crime novel at £3 instead of £8 so got that too. In total I spent £13 instead of £28 a big difference and easier to carry and store in digital format. It dawned on me that Waterstones had become the new version of a library for me I go in see what’s new read the first chapter or two if I enjoy buy it on Amazon and its less bother than libraries are these days with a bigger stock of books and coffee options. When I grew up I used the library loads my gran was a librarian and they were oasis of calm and peace my favourite places but these days they are noisy don’t have a big enough stock and have become multimedia centres with no coffee option either myself I wish we still had the libraries of old Dublin has in trinity library. While on a trip to the states many years back I encountered barnes and nobles similar to Waterstones but on a grander scale with coffee and open till 11pm complete heaven I do wish they were over here. This isn’t to say I will never buy another actual book as that would be a lie I still have loads of actual books I just like the options that you have these days. Kindle and Amazon have opened new avenues to people for reading if dyslexic and you need bigger fonts better spacing the give that if you need audio due to poor vision it’s there also so you can’t say it’s killing actual books just widening the market. I do hope people like my older parent continue to buy actual books keeping the bookshops open as they have become the libraries as I said earlier. If you read folks please feel free to give feedback on my thoughts and article. 

Stay well and happy Blessings 



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Hi folks this is a joint blog with Darken Muse my Witch sis this is where both our thoughts and inspiration will be :) Thanks and Enjoy Harp

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