End of Fringe 

Well folks from Mon till about two hours ago I have mostly been doing the Edinburgh Fringe shows maximising at least four to five shows each day 🙂 

Most have been worth it but there was at least two I thought good grief never again and why. 

The Good 

John Bishop, Stephen K Amos, Dara O’Brien, Wunderbards slapstick, Ed Byrne, Sean Kelly, Juliette Burton, Foil Arms and Hogg, Jason Byrne, George Egg Diy Chef. 

The rest were fairly decent and it was a enjoyable and busy week I can recommend to anyone but yes you will spend as much money as if you were to go on holiday but with less of the stress with passports, immigration airports trains and planes so there are some great pluses. 

Thankfully I foresaw that I would need to two days off after a week of fringing so not back to work till Wednesday for this helper elf. In my opinion great way to start the week gently 🙂 

Stay well and keep happy till my next update 

Blessings From Harp xx


About Harp

Hi folks this is a joint blog with Darken Muse my Witch sis this is where both our thoughts and inspiration will be :) Thanks and Enjoy Harp

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