Holidays/part 1: a (stinky) train to Paris after a rock and roll AirBnB start

Here we are! We are flying to Olbia in Sardinia early tomorrow morning! Up to now it has been a bit agitated. Indeed, for the first time in my life I decided to rent a flat using AirBnB. Lot of my colleagues used it and had good experiences. So I rented a flat in Olbia. I received a confirmation and paid for the flat. A bit more than one week before the day of my arrival I messaged and called the owner. First she told me the flat would be available only on the 11 (I rented it as from the 8) them that she would never have accepted any reservation through Airbnb. I had to call Airbnb and to fight. Finally I was helped by a nice woman called Irina. In the meantime I talked to the owner and understood she rented the flat using another platform. She set up her airbnb account using the automatic confirmation option but never checked her account. She finally cancelled the renta. Irina found another flat and Airbnb accepted to pay for part of the difference (50%) in the price. I called the new owner… and finally was told that she would have no reservation, while she answered my initial message and sent me an invitation I confirmed. After sending all the evidences, contacting Airbnb again (this time the helper elf was called Bruno), things are solved. Once again, an owner with several flats all on various platforms, who would have make a confusion between the dates. So last week has been quite agitated between this and the fact that I had to finish some files at work, evaluate a bunch of people (annual evaluation process. Did it this afternoon as I forget it before. Naughty me. Just on time!). We are now on the train to Paris (we’ll spend the night in tan hotel close to the airport as the flight is very early)… and the odour… there is a stinky person around, who visibly sweated a lot. Takes some time to get used…) and a guy on one of the seats around … wears no shoes. Considering the color of the sole of his get, I would say he barely wears shoes… arffff. Crossing fingers for things to be fine as from now! I need quiet and relaxing holidays!


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