Stop worrying, mum!

I remember when I was a teen, then an adult seeing my mum worrying about mewassonstimes upsetting. As if she did not believe I could manage it! Or as if she was seeing danger everywhere. I was always tellyng: please mum stop worrying. Everything will be fine. Today she has so much pain on her plate that she does no more worry about me. And I had to realize that no one does…and that it just mean that they do not care as I am not on top of their list. Sometimes I even think I could not come back they will not notice it until they need something from me. I also realise that you worry when you care about someone but that it does not mean you do not believe the person can’t do it or that everything is danger. You just know there can be danger, that sometimes things are difficult and you might not succeed even if you are doing things right.  And now that no one worries about me whatever happen I can tell you that THIS is what is really hard. And that in fact in past even if I was telling “stop worrying mum” this made me stronger in a lot of situation because I alsways knew I had someone who loved me and cared about me. She still loves me. But her life is now so rough that she can’t no more worry. And when I ‘m worrying about my daughter she looks at me as if I was a kind of alien who would not trust her or who would see damger in everything. Cycle of life. One day she’ll understand. Prob when she’ll had a child who will raise her/his eyebrows “stop worrying mum!”



One thought on “Stop worrying, mum!

  1. Harp says:

    To will always worry about your daughter no stopping that as it’s natural and a good thing. Myself I worry about my parent as she has two hearing aids and bad tinutis without them she is deaf and she fears not being able to hear and trapped with her own internal noise. I even worry for my good guy friends too whether they are hiding their inner spark or that they are overworking taking too much on their shoulders. Recently I discovered that a good friend guy has a entire metal plate in his wrist what looks like a self harm scar is where he shattered his wrist while riding a bike in France on holiday with the other guy it’s the insomnia giving him little sleep another a new empty house. Basically you worry because you care for them you wouldn’t waste your time if you didn’t have some involvement so it’s a good thing. – Harp

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