4 close strangers… a trip in Paris “Metro”

Hi All,

just a little post from the Paris tube/subway (we call it “le métro”), on the line 1 during my daily trip from La Défense to Bastille. Of course, despite the fact that we are in summer and that most people should be on holidays and should have let the space to tourists, the line was crowded…as usual. I found a place on a seat. The space is composed of 4 seats, 2 in face of the 2 others… just like seats friends would have places to chat a bit. 4 people. 4 strangers. 4 very closestrznger that does not seem to see each other. The guy in front of me. Young, around 25. White t-shirt And black jeans. I would say. Lost somewhere else between his headphones and his telephone (Beyoncé and lady Gaga she lyrics… my Telephone). Generation Z (on on the frontier of Z and Y). Greater fear: battery failure…no more music, no more WhatsApp (this is more Generation Y based on smart specialist of modern society but honestly lot of Z are using it!) OMG, the end of the world is near !

the man on my left has more of  a late baby boomer or of early generation X. Grey hair, partly bald, thin face with a pointy noise, glasses without frames. Globally very thin. It more exactly terse. the way he looks definitely give the impression of something sharp. Wearing a dark grey suit indicating some office functions. Could work in q bank or in a big company. A case on his knees (however not a leather case but black fabric, as thin as his owner so apparently just papers, no computer). He immediately opened his journal (Le monde, French journal on the right-wing), acting as if he could not see any of us… even when part of his journal felt on the floor. The lady in front of him gave it back to him. He seemed to experience some difficulty in thanking her. Only a cold “thank-you”, itself a bit sharp. He then immersed himself a the reading of his journal… or tried to give that impression asI noticed he was going quickly from an article to the other, probably just reading abstract. Worse fear: what is the world becoming? Or arghhh my daily journal (which show which world I belong too) is sold out becauseI was 1 minute late at the library .

The woman in from of him was approximately the same generation, but apparently not the same world. Blue eyes, short curly died hair… I must admit that she had not a very smart look but probably a nice person. She stayed in the silence, waiting for the end of the trip. No more opened to discussion than the others. Worse fear: honestly I don’t know

then the fourth person… hell yes it was me. Dark hair, pale skin, red Zapa dress, high red and orange heels (😁😁😁)… I’m not Snow White… leather suitcase (my computers plus documents), handbag (various and numerous items, all absolutely necessary to travel safe in urban jungle). Born generation X (work obsessed)… but with some hybridation with Generation Y and Z (fear of battery failure, tech side…)… you won’t know more…

Have a sweet day/night. Stay safe.

Love and light from Darken


3 thoughts on “4 close strangers… a trip in Paris “Metro”

  1. Harp says:

    People watching or observing is always enjoyable and you see so many different folk in the course of the day. Either on a busy bus or behind a very busy opd reception desk.

    Harp 🙂

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