The lighthouse (learning from past)

In some occasions, we made errors. We took wrong decisions. This is the essence of life. We are human. Not perfect. Sometimes, we also believe that we can have nothing more than what we had at a certain point in time because we are afraid of future. The true questions arising from all of this are i) will we learn the lesson from Past and from our own errors ii) will we dare making new decisions, changing things, trying improving our life. The answer might be that in any case life if a lighthouse (beacon), not a harbour (haven). We must not stay in past but go ahead, trying to learn from our mistakes, from the decisions we took, bad or good. We must of course remember past, but we need opening a door to future. We all deserve the best . We need to use our past as a beacon, but we must not stay bound to it. It’s not a haven.


One thought on “The lighthouse (learning from past)

  1. Harp says:

    Guilty of this myself and I admit it great writing and thanks for sharing.

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