Little things (the nature of happiness)

I believed for long that happiness had to be a full scope thing. That it was reached if you had what people call a perfect life: loving husband and child (children) who would care about you as you care about them, a nice house, a good job and maybe a dog. A quiet path full of bliss. Life did not give this all inclusive set. For a time I felt really bad thinking I was a real loser. Well in a way I am probably. But I also discover that the true nature of happiness was not what I thought. It has nothing to do with all of that. Happiness is not like a kind of all inclusive box, because this is not the essence of life. Happiness is in multiple little things that make you smile, that make life lighter and help you to cross the tempests. It’s a black cat sleeping on my bed, purring, lying on his back, his belly up, with his paws on my foot. It’s a calico one sleeping where she is not allowed too, and a big black one who will to purr in my ear each time he feels I’m sad. It’s  a sunny afternoon. A good book. Some art stuff. A friend who calls you or message you for no reason. Another who finds nice words to encourage you. The smile of a perfect stranger in the street. A few words exchanged


One thought on “Little things (the nature of happiness)

  1. Harp says:

    Lovely writing and yes we find happiness in strange ways it’s the small things that count to the bigger picture.

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