Silent scream

The most terrible screams can be the silent ones. Those do not make a single noise. They hide behind attitudes or words that can appear ordinary, or at least that do not catch attention.  No one notice them, while in most cas they dissimulateur the highest despairs. It’s a silent, untold SOS. Usually louder when comes the night. Until the person gives up and stop screaming. Until he or she feel that there is no more way to solve their problem, that no one cares whatever happen. This is more and more frequent in this society driven by selfishness and individualism. Sad is that the consequences can be really worse than one could expect. I read several books where this situation is depicted


One thought on “Silent scream

  1. darkenmuse says:

    Fun is that many contemporaneous or at least recent authors have used this idea and even the words “silent scream(s)” as a title. For instance A silent scream by Amelie L, or “secret wounds and silent screams” by D Bertolini. Not the best books ever but ok, even though I believe some more classic author have develop, explain and exploit this idea better

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