Online Censorship 

A topic that I didn’t really want to bring up bit it’s been on my mind recently. Currently in the states despite winning against the FCC and keeping the Internet open under title 2 in 2015 a new broom has swept in and is trying again to censor and block certain parts of the net 😦 I for one hope this doesn’t happen as it really is a breach to freedom of speech. 

In fact over here at present a particular carrier blocks access to Fetlife why obviously due to the fact that they think you shouldn’t be viewing it despite being a adult and paying them monthly in order to access it you have to use a VPN to get around this daftness you should not have to. I believe that since I am adult and not inflicting my beliefs on anyone I should be allowed to do what I want to do yes I have kinks a mile long but I am not pushing them on people and trying to corrupt them. My inspirational with some wickedness blog on tumblr is marked for over 18s only it even states that in the blog intro as it’s occasionally wicked. When did the powers that be start to nanny us quite so badly as it’s not just kinks that it’s effecting. Go into my workplace and you will only find diet drinks full of sweeteners that are artificial why because they can’t sell you ones with sugar that’s bad for you. In restaurants it’s almost the same virtually all diet drinks and they hide the salt this is apparently bad for us also. So when it comes to the Internet I want to be able to do what I do within reason I can be myself and wear my kinks on the outside. What they don’t realise is that have you ever heard of a alcohol problem or a rape issue at a kink event it happens in normal clubs which is why I don’t go to them. The reason for this is that Kink despite being different is very well organised there are DMs there’s rules and people follow the guidelines of consent and consensus more than the everyday person. What the government needs to stop doing is nannying people or it will go underground to avoid the regulations that are being placed on it. Give people freedom and liberty to do as they please and wish and genuinely they will be a lot happier as a society on whole. 

Thanks for listening to this post rant folks. 

Stay well and Happy 

Harp xx 


About Harp

Hi folks this is a joint blog with Darken Muse my Witch sis this is where both our thoughts and inspiration will be :) Thanks and Enjoy Harp

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