Welcome to society


Hi, this is Darken Muse. I was reading again some poem by Erin Hanson tonight. A lot to think about it. The poem is "Welcome to society". If I can paraphrase it shortly, it explains that you are very welcome to society until you fit in the norms set up by society or by the 
group you are entering too, until people do not think that your shadow is stealing their sun. You can love yourself but not too much or they will bully you. And if you fall down, the one who did will be there on the first seats to cry while they'll burry you. And another little thing, you are very welcome to society until you conform to what is expected from you...and you can never leave as there will always be someone somewhere to try to force you to follow the mass (it has    something from Panurge, I know... all the ships are following the head ram whatever it does...). First impression is always a true         resonance between this poem and my life experience. It's not that    people don't  like what is different from them. NO. They just hate it. Mainly       because difference is frightening, because difference can also      remind you  your supposed weaknesses. However...is it  really a       correct statement. Are you really oblige to follow the mass? Are you   really obliged to   adopt their rules, to let them  decide of your  own behavior, to model your personality and your     thoughts, to decide how you should dress,   what you should eat, what you should say...If I think of it, I have to say no. You can decide to be yourself until you do not create damages to others (there are a minimum of rules to respect as they serve any of us). The only point is that you have to be ready to bear the consequences of your choice in some occasion   where people will definitely no accept you as you are (but in this case, what is sure is that there is no loss if     those people go away   from you. And if they don't do, just do it for them. Sometimes it might be hard. Sometimes you will have great     surprises. And what is sure  is that your differences are also chances and can open you great   opportunities if you focus on developing  your skills (we all have).       Nevertheless, the poem has a part of reality on it and even if I firmly people that living in society can be something quite better   than a condemnation to renounce to your individuality or personality, Erin Hanson's urban poetry is really amazing and meaningful. So just do not hesitate: discover it right now if you never read it!

Seeing love and light - Darken
to the poem 
PS: I'm French so "pardon my English"
Harp - great contribution sis I love it to you have a link to the writer above and how people can access her work :)
Updated with link to poem www.google.fr/amp/s/www.wattpad.com/amp/212243278


2 thoughts on “Welcome to society

  1. darkenmuse says:

    Here is a link to the peon I’m talking about the https://www.google.fr/amp/s/www.wattpad.com/amp/212243278

    Also theundergroundpoet.com

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