Hell in handbasket part 2

Hi all sorry for extended absence the need really has to grab me to write and of recent it has.

So many problems going on in the world of recent the Grenfell Tower fire which could have so easily been prevented if they hadn’t used illegal cladding such a needless loss of life if the building had alarms more fire exits and sprinklers maybe we wouldn’t have had such a problem it’s a sorry state of affairs and I doubt we will ever know the total of the unfortunates that lost their lives due to it all the more shocking that it was London it happened in 😦

In other news Corbyn seems to be looking stronger every day and T May has apparently sold her soul to the devil in the form of the Northern Irish version of the ku klux clan (DUP)  at a billion pounds makes you wonder if she does indeed have that fabled money tree and if this is the case lift the 1% cap on NHS staff it’s truly criminal that nurses hospital workers fire fighters and police get paid less than the MPs the unfairness of society I guess really. 

Reading the news I have seen that N sturgeon has finally decided to give it a rest banging on about indy ref 2 Hmmm I wonder if it was the losing 21msps that caused this change in mind. 

I am guessing that interesting times lay ahead and if I’m honest I would have preferred to have corbyn at the helm than T. May but we don’t always get what we wish. 

Here is hoping that things get calmer but doubting that they will. 

Stay Happy, Safe and healthy