How do you access social media 

Hello folks Harp here with a curious question. I find myself mostly accessing the above with my Edge seven Android or Nexus nine 🙂 This isn’t down to the fact that I don’t have whole PC version on my surface pro four it is down to the fact that I seem to prefer the apps. Always accessing my sites on the go thanks to my Android I tend not to use the PC versions much. Due to the fact of having a Gmail app, WordPress app Twitter, FB and tumblr it has got to the point where I probably hardly use my Android as a phone as I mostly say drop me a line giving people my email. Though one thing I do wish is that FB wouldn’t limit the application so much due to wanting to force you to use the whole site. The question of this article is what do you use your smartphone for sound of below as it would be interesting to read and discover. 

Stay well and happy kindest Regards Harp 


Decent pens 

Hi folks after receiving my newest addition to my pen collection a gorgeous petrol blue green fountain medium nib with matching ink it got me thinking. What is your favourite type of pen to write with myself it depends if work or pleasure. For pleasure it’s fountain nib pens and jetstreams with fineliners and Moleskine journals not to sure why just really love the paper so good to write on. When in work it’s jetstreams and biros mostly Bic. As I have learnt from past experience never give or let a non pen fiend use your fineliner it’s a soul crushing experience when it ends up bust this has happened. Therefore when in the office I tend to keep important pens in my top drawer and normal everyday affairs in my desk tidy so that colleagues can borrow as they wish without fear that they are ruining a beautiful and expensive pens. Oddly with paper if not Moleskine I tend to enjoy writing on ivory or cream or yellow Colored paper don’t ask me why I can’t use white paper I guess I find it a touch too stark and daunting to look at blank. For ink shades I seem to be a mixed bag I love Sepia, black blue and black recently got petrol ink loving the color. If I am doing it as a art based form black gold diamine ink it comes in bottles is really amazing stuff. A few months back I actually got myself a beautiful looking glass blown dip pen still building up the courage to use it as it truly is a item of beauty and I don’t wish to break it with a heavy hand. I personally think that creativity can be found using any ink color if you put your mind to it. Have seen some amazing Sketches done in just blue biro quite astounding. This article was to share my pen addiction with you guys what is your addiction do you enjoy pens as much as me if so what type? What color of ink so many questions. I will finish this article with a tip if in UK you can’t go wrong with but don’t blame me if your tempted as this site is truly pen porn. Hope you enjoy this share. 

Hugs and Be well Kindest Regards