Collars and wedding rings 

Hi all this one wanted to be written after some strange behaviour that I did today. Now everyone by know should know that I’m mostly a top but I’m not entirely dominant so when needing a bit more strength I reached for my silver and onyx collar. I knew that there would be no public in work today so I was ok to wear it and it loves being showed off great workmanship from a friend called Libertine and given to me by my main partner he was also given a small padlock and key for it which he keeps as it’s only locked at Kink events. Once I had it around my neck it’s reassuring weight made me feel better and reminded me I was not alone I was loved and made me smile about both the men. This got me thinking yes I know dangerous thing to do especially in the morning. Do some women think the same of a wedding ring or band do they just look down on it and smile remember the memories of when they received it the guy they received it from and think happily I’m not alone as both pieces of jewellery are given with love if you are aware of Kink you will notice that the silver onyx is a collar pretty much a give away and it states yes this lady belongs to a guy if not aware of Kink its a fancy choker as for the convential wedding ring you look down for it at a ladies or a guys hand and think oh they have someone they can only be a friend to me personally in the normal world I would prefer the cladagh ring as it not only states I’m with someone but it can also state I’m not you can ask. Though my favourite is my collar I will take the reassurance of the weight round my neck to having something on my finger that I could so easily lose as I have lost many a set of glasses from putting them down at least my collar can’t fall off and I can’t put it down anywhere. Though when back on the desk with public again I will have to take it off replace it with my moonstone talisman pendant as too many questions could be asked and my pentagram thankfully fits with both of them. 

Stay well and until next time hugs 



About Harp

Hi folks this is a joint blog with Darken Muse my Witch sis this is where both our thoughts and inspiration will be :) Thanks and Enjoy Harp

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