The switch around in society 

There was a time at the start of the century to the middle of the 19th century where women were the suppressed part of society and in small ways way still could be but that is for another article this one is focused the reverse direction. After seeing a post video on FB where a woman wanted to kill all guys and make it a female society she really didn’t think this through as the guys have a important factor the sperm. Maybe she was thinking we will milk them all before we kill them but personally I kind of like guys they are good to have around and sex is pretty damn fun. So here is hoping there aren’t any more radicalist loopy women. Though the guys that we have today are a odd bunch there’s no denying it and here we get to the point of the article. For example guy friend who cooks does housework that’s all very good and well but does he know how to be dominant when a woman needs it and even asks for it? You get that look of why do you want me to pin you to a wall by your throat with my leather gloved hand and kiss you senseless guys don’t do that kind of thing. Which made me scratch my head on puzzlement at the fact of mb it was me wanting something strange and unusual. Later down the line another guy met me for a meal then after we had finished proceeded to go pay for it I didn’t ask him to his choice. Then he told me we were going back to his now this I admit did thrill me I like a guy who can act on dominant wishes it was obvious what he wanted and I was more than happy to oblige he was a complete dominant gentleman who didn’t ravish me until back at his place. Though he did whisper in my ear what he wished to do later such a turn on. Have guys lost the ability to act on impulse or go with your gut and intuition or have we as women knocked this out of the male species. I’m not asking for a caveman I’m asking for a gentleman with a dark side that’s ever so slightly naughty and isn’t afraid to act on it. Also a guy who is good at diy always good as well. So I think I’m advising guys to try to find that inner voice that they somehow lost and listen to it occasionally if not lots it will fire you confidence and help your work drive heck it might even give you a good peace of mind 🙂 Though it would be good to have the best of both worlds a guy like my good guy friend who will follow through with every wicked thought in his head. Folks as usual this wasn’t based on anyone it was just free writing getting stuff out of my head again. 

Stay well all Blessings 



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Hi folks this is a joint blog with Darken Muse my Witch sis this is where both our thoughts and inspiration will be :) Thanks and Enjoy Harp

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