Body contact 

Just writing from personal experience here anyone who knows me well will have been hugged by me. I don’t mean this as a infringement on your personal space I just really enjoy hugging my close friends and close colleagues as it makes me feel good. Most of them by this point are used to it and will accept a hug or give me a hug back as it does boost your serotonin levels and lower your stress in work. If you are close to me  in the fact that you are one of my partner guys you can expect snuggles also as skin contact just makes me happy in general it isn’t anything sexual it’s something comforting. Oddly I feel myself getting very moody if I haven’t given enough hugs for a while and yes I know that sounds strange but I think it’s just a craving for touch contact. I do my best not to hug folk until I know them very well and they are used to that side of me. I also apologise to some good friends who aren’t huggy people I don’t mean to push a hug onto you and I’m so glad you accept it. Sometimes I really should ask those close before I give unwarranted hugs. Though to most of my friends if you do bump into me it and about either at events or in work please feel free to give me a massive hug as this will make me smile. I sometimes think I crave body contact more than sex which can be a touch odd at times I will work on it. 

Best wishes and kind regards Harp 


About Harp

Hi folks this is a joint blog with Darken Muse my Witch sis this is where both our thoughts and inspiration will be :) Thanks and Enjoy Harp

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