The use of pen or nicknames 

Hi all this topic has been in my mind for a while now. Since FB forced me to use my actual name. I was not trolling bring offensive or hiding behind my pen name so to be shoved out of using it either by FB or someone thinking that it’s fake is annoying to sat the least. The way I look at is if you know me by my pen name we have either met on the Kink scene or we’ve met online via FB or one of my other social networks it was a way of figuring out where I know people from. If they knew my actual name it meant I had met them either at work or through friends I had met them in actuality and shook their hand and they weren’t aware of the kinky me or the arty me. So now due to FBs daft ruling my actual name is known by 7.5k mostly Americans as I admin a group on FB with a bunch of other great admin family but I didn’t want every Tom dick and Harry knowing my actual name but now I guess I’ve got used to it. Thankfully on my other social media sites I’m still my pen name I’m grateful for that and ironically the link to my FB profile page still has my pen name so I do wonder what was going through their heads. I am not the only one this has happened to some other good arty friends have been pushed out of their pen names by FB. I guess what I am saying here is if you see a odd name and you think it’s not real it’s sometimes being used for protecting the identity and not trolling or upsetting others. Please before reporting anyone ask them the reasons behind it there is usually a good answer. A friend of mine nearly lost all the pics of her dead spouse she had on her FB profile as someone thought she was fake and had hit report button and unfortunately FB doesn’t advise you who did this either. Also folks you will find I answer to my pen name and actual name sometimes I think I’m more my pen name/nickname than I am me now that’s a odd one to work out and I will leave this article with that thought in place. 

Hugs to all and Blessings Harp xx 


About Harp

Hi folks this is a joint blog with Darken Muse my Witch sis this is where both our thoughts and inspiration will be :) Thanks and Enjoy Harp

2 thoughts on “The use of pen or nicknames 

  1. Kim says:

    Very well written! I too was forced to change my name as per my drivers license, I had to send them a copy and they changed my name. I thought I’d change it back after the waiting period, nope, not possible – I guess they blocked me from being able to do so. It was no fun explaining to everyone who I was. I think I was reported by a member of my group that we had to ban. To that childish game, I say, “get a life”. She knew I wasn’t a stalker or bad person, she just chose to give me a hard time and that she did.

    • Harp says:

      Kim I am in the same boat it is so annoying I think the only reason I got to keep my profile is that my mobile number is connected to my FB so they knew I was a actual person. They have blocked me from changing it back also. I think it’s all down to one vindictive person who thought I will report that person as fake for whatever reason they decided to 😦 its annoying by far and I have to put up with it really. Folk ask why do I prefer to be called Harp because its my nickname folks its on everything bar FB even in my Gmail I love it I don’t have my actual name in my emails apart from works it is all a big privacy thing. Would you want to share your actual details with 8k folk I doubt it but I have learnt to accept it. I just think FB are daft there are bigger problems than people using a pen or nickname out there go sort that. Also sorry it happened to you also hugs – Harp

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