The importance of profile bios 

Right folks after some random messaged me out the blue with just a How’s you doing I checked out his profile to see if there was any about me section or it had been at least filled in. I wasn’t surprised just a touch disappointed there was literally nothing the guy just seemed to be aimlessly friend collecting like some kind of badge of honor. I thought cripes he must be new as whenever and wherever possible I try to leave a about me section (haven’t worked out how to on this yet) on my Fetlife there is a large about and my FB and twitter too if you tweet have a look I’m @HarpSilver. 

Anyhow I digress a good profile biography is basically like selling yourself or painting a picture of yourself with the medium of words. Advise people what you are like so they can visualise you in there head and think mb I would like to meet that person or I want to know this person slightly better as you wouldn’t buy something with no description would you. Think of it this way if a book didn’t tell you it’s genre or give you a short paragraph of what’s inside it would you buy it blank it would be pot luck and most people would not. So this is why you fill out your profile it gives people a idea of who you actually are. Once you have engaged people’s interest they might send you a message and this is also where the profile of the sender is important. Nobody is going to message back some one who just says interested in message tittle and how you doing come on folks put a bit of effort in. Read the profile bio and look at the pictures you are able too read the persons articles see what they like and base you opening message on those your more likely to get a reply rather than a delete or a why is this person friending me. The important thing to remember is that people like that you have shown a interest in them and actually read there stuff and they will be more than happy to answer questions on it and this is usually a good way to start a friendship that might lead to other things further down the road. So please put the effort in you will be rewarded that goes for the profile writer and the message sender fill out those bios and about yous whenever and where ever possible. Gets of soap box thanks for reading this all. 
Kindest Regards and Best Wishes Harp xx 


About Harp

Hi folks this is a joint blog with Darken Muse my Witch sis this is where both our thoughts and inspiration will be :) Thanks and Enjoy Harp

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