The oddness of society

Hi folks its been a while since I’ve been on this so I thought I would write another article as it was sitting in my mind.

While looking around Edinburgh I discoverred that there aren’t really that many good kink shops that have decent stuff. I’ve found Adult Conceptions on Drummond Street and Q Store down Broughton Street and Eros but that’s about the only three in a city this size.

It seems that Anne Summers is allowed to be on the main street but only if it keeps things reasonably tame its more often a lingerie shop with added extras to the back.

Why no genuine kink place where you could go see the things feel the things and buy the items or toys it seems it’s all being made online.

This just seems unusual behaviour to me as we are sexual beings after all it is part of our makeup and kink can be seen as a extension of that. It is as much a need as food and drink I feel. We all have two sides why does society choose to hide one half? I’ve always been of the point of view that to become whole we need to accept both sides of our nature.

So a bigger place where kink can be satisfied and not pushed underground would make things a lot easier. Think of Amsterdam lowest teen pregnancy in Europe probably due to fact that their young can learn and experience without the stigma attached to doing so and it’s obviously working.

Not saying poke people in the eye with it I’m just saying make it more accessible and if anything teach and educate folk instead of just going its online go that way.

Everyone needs a bit of help and experimentation within oneself and consenting others can only be seen as healthy.

Bye for now folks thanks for reading.

SilvAngelDemon xx