The language of dance

This addition is inspired by a friend of mine called Halo. When I hit my mid teens my grandparents set about teaching me how to dance ballroom style. It wasn’t too hard to teach me having already been taught Scottish country dancing the whole of my childhood but this was something different. Grandmother would demonstrate by counting to the beat for my benefit and doing the steps. After being told be both my grandparents that I needed to learn how to dance for formal occasions they said we can’t have a granddaughter with two left feet. So grandfather danced me about the living room and I learnt how to follow his lead after probably stepping on his toes a bit. Back to today I usually tell guys I can’t dance but this is due to the fact that I’m used to partner dancing and not solo. Which I guess kinda makes me out of sync with this era as I don’t enjoy pulse beat music but there’s a time and a place for it. Now all I need is a guy that’s capable of leading in dance and in life as the friend who inspired me to write this some things are instinctive especially when slow dancing with a guy or foxtrotting around the stage as long as you both now the steps you can fly 😉

Will probably come back later and add to this post with more thoughts as it’s ongoing always learning and I guess I did listen to my grandparents in the end.

Hugs to all be well.

SilvAngelDemon xx


About Harp

Hi folks this is a joint blog with Darken Muse my Witch sis this is where both our thoughts and inspiration will be :) Thanks and Enjoy Harp

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