Nothing better than H20

For as long as I’ve fantasied about guy I have always wanted to be in a swimming pool stark naked with them having lots of naughtiness. Sex in the shower where the water pounds me as a hot guy pounds me is a great turn on to me mmmm. If any of you have seen my fet you will now my other fantasy to walk naked with a guy in the rain to a forest glade where we could make love in the lake would have to be a hot or warm country hopefully some thunder and lightning would be involved nothing comes close to a good storm 😉 Sometimes when your away and no shower available you can always have a bath with your guy. Save water and be kinky at same time. Now this one deviates from the main topic but still water I love it when a guy runs ice down me slowly over my breasts or back over my abdomen and between my legs feels amazing so erotic but very cold xx. Been a while since I have been able to shower or bath with a hot guy and be able to wash each other all over with the bath soap ie shower gel. Hope this gets rectified in the near future.

Bye for now be well folks think I have emptied my mind now need sleep hope you read and enjoy hugs.

SilvAngelDemon xx

The other side of Reasonings

Hi folks this is me trying to work out what goes on in a guys brain after a relationship breakdown. We have all known of it from a female point of view and it hurts but what do guys do to get over it? Depending on who ended the relationship it can hurt them too its just that I doubt a guy would sit around eating ice cream feeling sorry for himself (we have all done this at somepoint ladies). How do guys recover is it from sleeping with anything thats in a skirt? As they must have the same feelings as us ladies if not more as guys dont seem to talk to each other about this. In the pub with his mates you will not see him telling his mates that such and such has left him. Also do some guys fear the confrontation hence breaking up by social medium message or text so not the way to go to go. If youve been with the lady loved the lady have the decency to split with the lady in person. So guys how do you get over a bad split ir breakup I can only learn from you any opinions would be much appreciated. Back to how I ended my first post but this time from a guys point of perspective. Dont give up lose trust or faith or ever think that your lady is out of reach because she isnt maybe you just have to ask the right questions be forward and blunt it will get you to the answer of yes or no a hell of a lot quicker. Heres a secret we actually like forward blunt guys that are straightforward than ones that play games anytime. With all my posts this one will be updated as I find out more along the road.

Be well and Hugs
SilvAngelDemon xx

The Senses

Hi folks we all now about the above but I’m going to talk specifically about the sense of smell. Has anyone been with a guy and he’s just came back from the gym or he’s been doing some other physical activity 😉 the smell that comes off them is nothing short of yummy. Despite the fact that he’s probably upset as he’s covered in sweat due to what he’s been doing you are more likely to want to jump on him or at least share his shower for naughty fun. It’s all down to a little thing called pheromones its what you can usually detect in a guy his natural smell and this usually makes you very horny. If you can wake up in the morning next to a guy and still think he smells lovely then you’ve obviously got the right one and congratulations there. I’m guessing that’s what they mean by chemical attraction or chemistry between two folk. Probably also where the saying he just doesn’t smell right comes from. No doubt women also give pheromones off but it’s up to guys to pick them up and iniate action if they should wish and communicate it. Even if a guy wears aftershave or cologne your still going to detect it. Sometimes you can be out and about and a smell will remind you of someone scent association. Which leads you onto Audio and hearing music can also trigger memories attached in the subconscious brain somewhere, you hear something you remember when you last heard it kind of like a imprint or bookmark in a massive book. The reverse can apply if you hear nothing but silence when there should be something this can disconcert. With sight your pupils dilate and retract sometimes your eyes can literally change colour based on what you’re looking at. Remove the sight ie blindfold the sense of touch enhances. Featherlight touches hugs scratches and spanks by hand all very good experiences. Turn on her mind get a lady thinking guys. Despite saying it was only going to be smell I seem to have gone through them all will come back and add to this post over time hope I haven’t bored you all.

Hugs and be well Regards
SilvAngelDemon xx

The language of dance

This addition is inspired by a friend of mine called Halo. When I hit my mid teens my grandparents set about teaching me how to dance ballroom style. It wasn’t too hard to teach me having already been taught Scottish country dancing the whole of my childhood but this was something different. Grandmother would demonstrate by counting to the beat for my benefit and doing the steps. After being told be both my grandparents that I needed to learn how to dance for formal occasions they said we can’t have a granddaughter with two left feet. So grandfather danced me about the living room and I learnt how to follow his lead after probably stepping on his toes a bit. Back to today I usually tell guys I can’t dance but this is due to the fact that I’m used to partner dancing and not solo. Which I guess kinda makes me out of sync with this era as I don’t enjoy pulse beat music but there’s a time and a place for it. Now all I need is a guy that’s capable of leading in dance and in life as the friend who inspired me to write this some things are instinctive especially when slow dancing with a guy or foxtrotting around the stage as long as you both now the steps you can fly 😉

Will probably come back later and add to this post with more thoughts as it’s ongoing always learning and I guess I did listen to my grandparents in the end.

Hugs to all be well.

SilvAngelDemon xx

Advice on profiles for guys

Hey folks some advice for guys out there another thing that has been floating round my mind. If you want a lady to chat with you or connect with you it helps a big deal not to have your cock as your profile picture. Now dont get me wrong I do enjoy seeing some cock but only at certain moments – ie not whenever you send me a message it flashes your cock at me can be a touch off putting. Inside the profile in the picture section is where it should be so we can admire it without it staring us in the face. Also it would be helpful if you just used a fantasy avi for profile if your unable due to proffesion to so your face show a bit of imagination instead of just that one default question mark. When it comes to profile bios think like your selling yourself fill them in or do something informative about you just dont leave them blank.

Another situation that cropped up recently is guys asking for private play before they have even met you this will always get turned down as I prefer to meet guys at clubs and events get to know them there and then play this is wholly down to a trust issue I feel. So if your not willing to actually get out on the scene and participate ie a social munch, workshop club or event then why are you on there your missing the social fun side of the scene. Though I can understand to a extent if you live in the backs and beyonds but at least try thats all I will say.

Basically I feel the best way to meet someone is at a munch in realife and work from there or a workshop.

Well guys I’m sorry if I moaned your ear of thats my piece of advice done for now.

Be well and hugs

SilvAngelDemon xx

Kink Psychology and a bit about myself

Hi all another thing I’ve been thinking about is the above. If you don’t already know it I’m what is classed as a switch due to being a sensual sadist, yes you did hear that correctly I really enjoy spanking a guy with my bare hands leather gloves over a spanking bench or my lap the later is easier to judge reactions of your masochist partner better and I can highly recommend it great power exchange potential goes on in this position. Having just learned the flogger I have to say that I want to learn more as love the impact but my do I have to work my arms up. Have yet to try caning but I’m going to try to get more experience in that one first. May I also say that this is all consensual my masochist guy absolutely loves it whenever I can do it as it comes under play. Now here’s the weird bit despite enjoying being the one in control with him at least I still long for a guy to control me absolutely love a male hand in a leather glove around my throat or spanking my ass. In bliss if you scratch me until you leave visible marks and I feel horny and ever so floaty if you tie me up ie rope bondage. Hence the reason I’m a switch as I’m a bit to stubborn to be a sub at times. Back to the topic some vanilla folk who know of my kinks ask of me why do I enjoy what I do most of the time I can’t answer as I simply don’t know but the enjoyment it brings is immense according to a friend who told me that the rope bondage induced trance state that I can understand but the spanking of a guy. Sometimes things are best left unanalysed or at least until I understand even myself a bit better its all a learning experience. I for one can say I’m very happy that I found this way of life and have made many friends who are willing to accept me for who I really am. A bit of hint to guys is scratch my back hard and nibble or bite my collarbone or neck and you better be ready as both really do it for me especially if you pull my hair put a hand round my throat and whisper naughty stuff in my ear. So next time somebody asks why do I do it I’m going to say I just do till I can research more. Any advice that anyone may have on this topic I would love to hear from you always good to share knowledge and learn.

Bye for now folks be well hugs
SilvAngelDemon xx


Over the course of this weekend I’ve been thinking about the above. This is based in the view of why we flirt and fall in lust or love. One of my female friends who has been going through a potentially bad split asked me why do we do this. She wanted to go back in time to stop herself by warning herself if she would listen to herself is another question. Either that or erase a part of her memory that involved said bloke. Now I was thinking upon the issue and I wouldn’t advise any of the above due to the fact that to gain something ie companionship in either love or lust you have to open yourself up to let it in. Hurts like hell if it doesn’t work or connect but if it does the rewards are endless. Guess you have to give to get. Also when she’s over the pain she will be able to look back and remember the good times also and the bad times will still be there but hopefully no longer able to invoke so much pain ie down to a minor niggle. Also we should never give up hope although the going is tough at times it makes me think of my grandparents happily married 60yrs decided within a week to marry unfortunately my grandfather is no longer but what a lot of love they had and gran still has. So as my friend suggested giving up on men is not a option seeing a guy meeting a guy sitting with him chatting eventually flirting and seeing a man’s eyes darken that moment you think please kiss me where there’s sexual chemistry flying through the air and you could cut a knife with it we all feel alive in those moments where your senses sing. Sometimes you connect sometimes you don’t due to other unforseen circumstances maybe the timing wasn’t right but communication is the key in all things don’t be afraid to be forward ask the questions sometimes you get to the answer quicker one way or another. I guess I’m a romantic someone’s out there for everyone and what a friend once said to me is what’s for you won’t go past you.

If you stop by this and read this I was just trying to make sense of what’s in my head and I hope that you don’t mind.

Signing of for now
SilvAngelDemon xx