As this decade comes to a close I would like to wish anyone who reads this a Happy New Year and a good start to 2020. This is the period of time that had my thirties, which if I’m honest felt like my twenties as due to dental and jaw work I never really had much of a teenage hood. I started this decade with three parent figures and I end it with one. Grandfather died at the start cancer managed to get him but at least it was before he lost his memories due to Alzheimer’s. The middle of the decade gran died of COPD issues she had been a prisoner of her own house for too long. The positives of this decade I met my main partner Martin he’s been my port in a storm we’ve had our ups and downs but we’ve been together nine years. Discovered I was Polyam with Martin probably something I always knew and J stepped into my life been six years and is good friends with M. Though J really needs to get his life sorted due to toxic family and rose colored glasses but that’s up to him really. Then about a year and a half nearly two years Viking came along all six foot four of him with long hair there is a reason I call him my Viking. He is great in a crisis and protective to the hilt but also a stubborn cantankerous bugger who I love loads despite it he’s the youngest of my three close guys though you wouldn’t realise that and his hairline is receeding but that doesn’t make him any less handsome to me. The ages of my guys go as follows 50 and a half, 49 and 35 myself I’m approaching 40 in Feb maybe they will feel more like my thirties and I’m getting white streaks through my hair but but that doesn’t bother me too much I will just start to resemble rogue out of X-Men. The parent I have left is weathering the storm better this end of the decade. Unfortunately she only has seven percent natural hearing left two hearing aids and 24/7 tinnitus, I swear at times she lip reads rather than hears me. I finish this decade with a titanium metal plate and several screws in my left ankle bad Tfracture last year. I guess I can technically say I have a screw loose but it’s not going to bother me. Here comes the 40s I do hope I enjoy them and that my guys stay with me through them.

All my best and thanks for reading this everyone

Many Blessings Harp๐Ÿ˜€

National Coming Out Day 11th Oct 19

Hi Folks,

Harp here what can I say I’m a oddbod through and through. Never seen as conventional.

The best ways to describe me are below.




Top Switch

Occasional bottom/Sub for certain guys

Primal cat


Non monagmist


Masochist side



Despite being Polyam I don’t swing or do casual sex

I might do a more in depth article at some point for people to understand me better as I’m even a enigma to myself at times a complete puzzle and I’m sure I haven’t got all my pieces. Best analogy is sometimes I feel like a bag of marbles with a hole in it and I can’t figure out where the hell the hole is.

All my best Hugs to everyone who wishes Harp ๐Ÿ˜€

How do I explain myself to others

Hi all Harp here sorry for the long absence it’s been a busy period at work and surprisingly hot weather in Edinburgh and I have been stuck in work.

I am at times a conundrum even to myself which is most strange I’m learning the whole time we never stop. Let’s see I’m a sadist I’m not going to deny that part of self as I really do love giving guys consensual pain whether it’s to here them cry out or scream and call me many things despite asking for said impact play and consenting to it. I love seeing reactions whether it’s them screaming crying our uncontrollable laughing sometimes all at the same time. I love giving sensation too and blissing them out with tactile touch and feedback some guys just simply do not get enough of it these days. As for myself I sometimes like being dominated as much as I enjoy dominating so that definitely makes me a switch in persuasion I’m a Solo Poly Anarchist I love having many partners for different reasons I love them all but this doesn’t mean I live with them usually I catch up at weekends and this helps Keep the internal battery charged ๐Ÿ˜Š I doubt I could ever really live with any of them but I wouldn’t give them up and I’m Very lucky to have them in my life. If someone advises you that being Poly is greedy arch a eyebrow at them as it takes a lot of time and planing. Lastly I’m Wiccan a grey witch who believes more in crystal therapy and natural cures than over the counter pills and potions. So there you have it me in a nutshell if you ever want to say hi if you meet me in RL at a event please do I won’t bite unless you ask me Very kindly.

Kindest Regards and Best wishes to all Stay well – Harp

Digital Living

Hello everyone sorry it’s been a while since my last post things have been busy and I since got shifted to work HQ on a permanent basis which I don’t really mind as it keeps me out of mischief.

Onto the subject at hand now everyone has been up in arms about Cambridge Analytica and the Facebook Data breach and how it lost all that data. People have been swearing off FB, Twitter even Google which is personally daft. Think about it if people hadn’t given FB so much of their data or such a deep hold into their lives there would have been nothing to be lost. I am on FB but I give it the minimum amount of information that it needs to function you won’t see where I work who I’m in a relationship with where I have worked or what friends I have as I choose to either not give it or let it show it easy enough to do just go into the privacy options and lock down what you can. In the messages function you can only send me a message if your a friend of a friend. It would have still had my nickname if FB had not forced me to use my actual name. Social sites and companies can only work with what we give them. Therefore to swear of Google is a daft Idea as Apple and the rest use your personal data as much as Google does at least the trade of with Google makes life easier it will find things for you quicker and use the info it has on you to aid you. These days everyone has either a Google Assistant Mini or a Amazon Alexa device be it the Echo plus, Show, Dot or Spot these all make life easier but they also are capable of listening and learning from you when you don’t expect or realize what’s more you consented to them doing so. Next time you make a call handsfree with Google assistant Mini or Alexa remember that we are all exchanging or data for making our lives easier. I ask you this why would you need music coming from your light bulb connected to the Bluetooth in your phone from the ceiling? So while digital AI can help us where does it end? Giving up Google for DuckDuckGo will not prevent the issue and it will make life harder. Myself I have chosen to embrace Google with a pixel 2 and Chromecast linking to Pixelbook life runs fluently and yes Google knows where I am but that does not bother me I have nothing to hide as I don’t put anything that personal online. The personal stuff I grab a fountain pen and I write it in my filofax or my bullet journal old fashioned pen to paper I love it and it can never be hacked and the only person that loses it is myself.

Take these tips into consideration and just don’t put anything online that you do not wish getting out to a third party.

*Update 25/5*

Into the news currently is that in the US you can now get a male sexbot basically a android with AI smarts he even has a 9 and a half detachable cock. Not to sure what society is coming to that they needed to produce these and I feel kind of sorry for the women who need to use them. I have heard the argument of it’s just a bigger sex toy with a body attached who doesn’t want that and heck he’s well proportioned but part of me thinks as AI improves every day mb to the extent of Sophia will these cyborg androids get rights? As Sophia is already sentient, then people go with it will only be able to do what it’s programmed to which with ai and deep learning it might start thinking beyond those boundaries. Are we entering a day and age where human affection is going into decline? Eventually this will effect the birth rate or maybe they will decide we all should have sex with them instead of human as it will prevent the spread of stis. Only be allowed sex with another human when it’s for reproduction the list could go on here but I’m running short on time. Think about the further implications everyone.

Recently you have to have a FB account to use FB messenger. Think about this folks everywhere has everything. Apple has Siri in Homepod, Mac PC, MacBook air, IPod T, iPhone, iPad. Amazon has Alexa in Dot, Spot clock and Echo even on your phone. Microsoft has Cortana in PCs and Surface range. Google has Android phones, Pixelbook, Nest mini and hub even infiltrating into your car with Android auto. These days it’s literally a trade off who do you want to have your data as FB owns Instagram and what’s app messenger.

Most people have a smartphone these days as they do make life easier guide us with maps advise us of transit links and help you get around a lot easier, who hasn’t just bought a cinema ticket with their smartphone and used a digital form ticket instead of actual. These things are the benefits but there is also a downside and a reason why it’s good to Digi detox or just not own a smartphone. A mother sits talking and texting away on her phone while her son looks ignored, bored lonely as he knows she does not want to spend time with him sometimes you have to put down the smartphone and interact with who you are with no phone no tablet or WiFi just have a good face to face conversation with the person you are with.

Stay well and Blessings to all

With Hugs – Harp

The Beast from the East and the start of March

What can I say the weather has really been truly phenomenonal over the past couple of days. It started on Tues night past with a little snow then progressed into Wednesday a lot more, work HQ sent me home at 2pm on wed 28th Feb that was a long journey about a hour and a half. The snow was incredible but little did anyone now that was just the beginning of it Thurs the beginning of march was a complete White out. I kept wearing my uniform expecting to get to work at somepoint even though buses cancelled on Wednesday night, I think it was about lunchtime when they gave up and entirely cancelled the buses and it became a snow Day. Unfortunately my parent was having ear problems due to the pressure in the air and a strange allergic reaction had swollen her eye so probably just as well as was off as was taking care of her. Friday came and the snow still present the buses didn’t get back until lunchtime phoned the office and was advised under no certain circumstances to try to come in I was miles away and it wouldn’t be worth the problems it would cause. That meant another day caring for parent who was stir crazy and we needed cream for eye so it was a snow expedition down to Ocean Terminal the boots to get some through thick snow. I haven’t seen snow like this since I was a small kid and it came out the middle of nowhere having been mild the week before so this storm definitely deserved it’s name and now in it’s aftershock it’s meeting another storm freezing rain due. I doubt we will see spring yet despite being March on social media I saw the cutest pic of a new born lamb in a stable under a heat lamp with a Robbin so the weather is going truly daft. To anyone who reads this Note stay well, warm, Safe and don’t do anything too foolish. Maybe we will see Spring midmonth.

My biggest respect goes to LRT bus drivers thanks for keeping the city moving the nurses, auxiliaries, EMTs and everyone working through this bad weather.

All my best wishes and Hugs with Blessings Harp

Memories of weekend

Harp here I have to say that a enjoyable weekend has past the weather wasn’t that great but the company was. I managed to have both my guys which always makes me happy we managed to fit in two kink events RB and SK one Glasgow the other Edinburgh. Thankfully I had Monday off as I would have never been able to pull this one of otherwise. At first it was only meant to be one but by a fluke of coincidence my gimps friend car broke down so ended up giving him a lift back to Loch Lomond and his usual shitty work shifts had been kind for once he was going to be able to do SK through in Edin too๐Ÿ˜ so I thought why not as this doesn’t happen that often pretty much blue moon occurrence. I was right when I said to a colleague that giving him a session would be cathartic it truly was I greatly enjoyed it and he did also it certainly took his mind off recent troubles and it was more than fun to have him at my mercy ๐Ÿ˜‰

Though by the next day his mind was going yay second helpings maybe his body wasn’t as enthusiastic as I had literally gone to town on him thinking that would be my only opportunity. After second helpings I doubt that he could sit comfortably and probably just as well that the train back was full of rugby fans so unfortunately he could not. I look forward to catching up with both my men again and I hopefully will get my third man out too as I haven’t seen him in longer he is becoming a recluse and he needs to socialize with us all again. Just wish that V Day was not on a Wednesday this year and although I managed to give my Mistah J his card I went and lost my main man DS card literally I have a head like a wet lettuce at times, but I am very lucky to have two men sometimes three in my life who all know about each other and are ok about it and care for me love them all loads. May anyone reading this spend Wednesday or the weekend with those they love and if you care for someone let them know by note by email by even the phone life is to short to not do so and be someone’s reason to smile not just on Valentine’s Day but all through the year surprise someone be spontaneous have courage to start a conversation you never know where you might end up have fun and be Safe also.

Much love and Hugs from

Harp with best wishes and Blessings H xx

Black and White

Hi all still in the depths of work HQ and it’s looking like I might be for sometime yet.

The name of this article comes from a conversation I had with a work colleague who although she is salt of the earth and a rough diamond with a heart of gold she sees things as the above.

Things can either good or bad black or white no inbetween level. I was referred to earlier in the week as being a hippy because of my Wiccan ways I believe in crystal therapy and how it helps the body and natural remedies instead of conventional modern medicine though it has it’s place. I explained to her I am by no means a white witch I’m more of a greysider walking the line of twilight, of which she asked is there evil witches why must everyone jump to a conclusion. I explained to her there are dark witches of which I got a reply of do you know any of them I said yes some Luciferian witches are good friends, cripes I shouldn’t have used that word she automatically thought devil worshiping witches of which I had to explain that isn’t the case as Lucifer is a fallen angel and the keeper of truth and a light bearer at this point I think her head was going to go bang. I got the answer of I thought you would say I don’t know any evil witches really I should know better than to get into a theologically themed debate with my particular colleague. I am happy that I didn’t explain familiars or demon pacts to her as she would have got the complete wrong end of the stick. It makes me wonder how can people go through life thinking we are the only ones here that their aren’t other life forms or other dimensions this frankly puzzles me. At times I wish I was one of them but then I realize that no I don’t as my mind will always quest for the truth which is why I doubt I will ever be white I’m more grey but part of me wishes for the knowledge but doesn’t want to go down the Luciferian way as I feel it’s like Pandora’s box once you have the knowledge and have experienced it you might wish that you had stayed unaware blissfully but you can’t unlearn so here I am walking the thin line between day and night remembering that even in the darkest night there is the hope of dawn that glimmer of light and I think that is what the world and everyone needs to remember at present while thing’s go strange around us hold on to the hope.

Stay well and happy Kindest Regards and Best wishes always Harp xx

Tribute to a lost friend

Well the start to 2018 has definitely been tumultuous due to being kept in work HQ OPD6.

This piece gets it’s name for a good online friend by the name of Megan Page who I met via FB art groups. Never would you find a woman with a more mischievous side one year she gave me a cock pen and keyring took forever explaining that one to the parent when they came in the post. We chatted about everything colouring and art based along with life in general and men she gave the best advice on that subject. I will always remember when a designer artist we helped out on FB by colouring his images he chose a fab one of Megan’s and made it the image to advertise the artpiece I had to advise her he had at first and she was so excited that followed many other of her images getting showcased. Megan had so much talent and she was a genuinely good person. Living in East London in Africa took me a while to figure that one out, I always thought it would be the riots or the Dodgy government over there that would eventually catch up to her at somepoint and embroil her in strife it certainly wasn’t the safest place to live but she loved it. She lived with her husband Brad a teenage daughter and two younger sons and it looked as if everything was going well for Megan. The past New Year she even teased me with a picture of hot weather on the beach with her son little did I know that two days later a day after her 33rd birthday that she would suffer a stroke. This ended her up in hospital they tried drugs this didn’t work so they put her into a medically induced coma to see if the body would recover unfortunately it didn’t she never woke up she died Tuesday past so damn sad leaves children and husband but if I know Megan she probably fought to the end but he body gave up to being to tired. I wish she had recovered so much but it would have taken a lot of work to get her back to full capicity. On Tuesday past the shining ๐ŸŒŸ that I knew was Megan went off to become a actual star and hopefully look over us all from above. I hope her soul is at peace and that she was able to cross over without too much pain. My heart goes out to her mother husband Brad and their children it’s going to be hard but I hope he keeps the memory of Megan alive and advises those kids as they grow how much she loved them as I think as long as the memory is still alive even though the person is no longer with us that is what is needed. It was a honor to know the star that was Megan I only wished she had stayed on this plain a bit longer.

Hopefully the next update Will be more cheerful my advice is if you love someone tell them if you can make someone smile do so if you want to talk to someone do it now email or call them as tomorrow is never guaranteed folks be with those you love and make you happy.

All my very best wishes and blessings Harp xx

Happy Holidays everyone and a festive update.

Waves to all well the season of goodwill came around again and I’m glad to be off as my battery was severely depleted at work HQ been there since early September the powers that be now free of work HQ till the 8th though back to usual work on the 3rd thankfully it shouldn’t be as nutty.

The year has passed and the wheel has turned to the start again it finds me oddly reflective. As although grans house has been bought since April passed still nobody living in it I have to pass it each day on my way to work and part of me finds that sad as I so wanted it to be full of life fun and love but I guess that was a pipedream.

The end of the year finds me grateful for my Mistah J and we have a closer connection than ever before that has been keeping me sane at times. Still with DS but he’s depressed due to nothing on the job front unfortunately. Hopefully this year my parents health will improve as she’s had a difficult year and I want for her to only get back to what she wishes to be as much as she can. As for myself the only thing I want for is more time with my guys who are dear to me and the family who are close.

Recently I read that T May thinks this is a Christian country there I disagree as I’m Wiccan and I’m sure there are many other faith’s that make up this great country. Also Christ was not born around this time think about it he was born closer to the spring.

On that note I wish you and yours the best festive period and Happy Holidays whether it was Yuletide, Hanukkah, Kwanza or Xmas whatever one you celebrate enjoy and have a great new year all๐Ÿ˜€

Biggest of hugs and best Festive wishes from Harp xx

First attempt at bakingย 

Thought I would share a success story from the weekend past. I was due to attend a housewarming party of aunt and friends down in the depths of Tyninghame by Berwick. Already had Housewarming gift a bottle of really nice gin, but I decided since no shops down there I would do some muffin baking. I approached the kitchen full of dread not knowing how they would turn to out to be honest I thought I would fail so parent stepped in to guide. Between the two of us it was a enjoyable pastime despite being nervous as hell and parent going baking is supposed to calm you down. In the long run I managed to make three dozen that night we left them to cool and would ice in the morning. Though and behold in the morning the icing was determined to misbehave one batch came out perfect the other not so weird as made the same. After a trip to the shops for cream and jam we saved them. Took them of to Tyninghame by car in cake cases surprised they survived country roads. Arrived at cottage and produced said muffins everyone seemed taken back and thrilled with them. Placed them on the table and they were disappearing fast I was getting compliments from everyone it made me very happy to know the were appreciated. Unfortunately I put aunts torte in the shade as everyone was too busy eating muffins. I will try again but for work colleagues if still in HQ closer to Christmas. Thanks for reading.

Hugs and stay well blessings